Lawrence Hunt Big & Tall Sweat Proof Dress Shirt
Photo: Corey Weekley / Buck and Under

Thing of the Week: Lawrence Hunt Big & Tall Sweat Proof Dress Shirts

It’s a brand new Thing of the Week, the Chubstr feature that introduces you to the clothing and products you need in your life right now. This week, we’re introducing you to Lawrence Hunt, a brand making a sweat resistant dress shirt for big & tall guys.

What Is It: Lawrence Hunt Big & Tall Sweat Proof Dress Shirts

Why You Need It: If you’re a big guy, you probably know what it’s like to simmer in your dress shirt on a moderately warm day. Detroit based Lawrence Hunt has been making sweat wicking “professional performance” clothing in mainstream sizes since the end of 2015. Now, they’re branching out with extended sizes to 5XL and 3XLT.

Lawrence Hunt big & tall sweat proof dress shirts combine moisture-wicking athleticwear technology with the traditional dress shirt to keep you cool, dry, and odor-free all day long. Under the arms and along the sides of the chest, the light performance fabric stretches to allow you more range of motion, while the cotton parts of the shirt give you the shape and look you expect from a dress shirt. Even better, you can wear the shirts tucked or untucked, depending on your preference.

We asked Ben, the model wearing the shirt in the photos (who is also the director of our new show, Sized Up) what he thought, and he told us that you can feel the difference. “Overall, the shirt is very cool. I never felt hot. The material is comfortable and seems to be wrinkle-resistant, so you could wear it all day at work and still look good for cocktail hour.”

Pricing: The Lawrence Hunt big & tall sweat proof dress shirts will be available in a number of colors for $78.

Where to Buy: Like they did for their original shirts back in 2014, Lawrence Hunt is launching their big & tall selections via Kickstarter, which, as of this writing, has 11 days to go. If you’re looking for a cool, comfortable big and tall button down shirt that is actually made for larger guys, this is the one for you.

Photos: Corey Weekley / Buck and Under