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Photo: Alex Zebrowski

Man of the Week: Lance Franklin, AKA Good Boy Fashion

Man of the Week introduces you to plus size men with style from around the globe. This week, we chat with Lance Franklin, aka goodboyfashion. This Washington D.C. based body positive advocate and influencer talks about his evolving personal style, where he shops and why we need to see more short and wide guys represented out there.

You’re pretty fearless when it comes to your own personal style. Can you describe your look for us?
My style is like Carlton Banks and Rihanna had a child. It can be very eclectic and bold at times. It’s preppy. It’s formal. It’s casual chic. It’s unisex. It just depends on how I feel and what I want to wear.

It takes most people a while to figure out what they actually like to wear and what works for them. Did it take you a while to cultivate your style?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been stylish, but my style has evolved over time. When I scroll through old Facebook pictures and see the baggy jeans and durags I used to wear in College, it makes me cringe. I thought I was Hot AF then!

Honestly, finding clothes you like isn’t hard when you aren’t distracted by what society says is “fashionable and what’s right for you” to wear. I try to zone all of that out by tuning into the vibes clothes give me. It’s really about the FEELS man. If I go into a store and see a tie that brightens my mood, then I know I am going to feel confident wearing it. The same goes for a pair of jeans or a t-shirt. If I like how it looks in the mirror and it makes me want to parade around town in it, then I know it’s a winner.

Where do you like to do most of your shopping?
It’s gonna depend on what styles [of clothes I’m looking for]. If it’s casual, streetwear or trendy, I shop ASOS, The Winston Box and Target.  I [also] love Forever 21 Plus and H&M. Also, Target, Target, Target – they are hands down my favorite for any gender. I also love Old Navy for its Women’s section. DXL for blazers and dinner jackets. K and G fashion for suits, ties, dress shirts, pocket squares and other accessories.

What advice would you give people who are trying to figure out their own style?
Don’t be afraid of online and thrift shopping because I know how discouraging it can be when you’re shopping at the mall and they don’t have your size. [Be willing to shop] online. Don’t let anything deter you from being the stylish lad you wanna be, because there are plenty of brands who cater to us, but may not have physical stores. Broaden your horizons and shop away.

The men’s plus size fashion movement is still quite small and not very diverse. Little by little, this is changing. Where would you like to see it go next?
I want to see more short and fat guys represented. So far most of the castings I’ve seen are looking for a male model 5’9 and above in height. What about those guys like myself who stand at 5’6? Aren’t we included in this movement?

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