King & Stone, a Shoe for All Seasons

King & Stone Shoes
King & Stone shoe subscription service

King & Stone — who dub themselves “The next big thing in men’s shoes” may be right. The shoe subscription service offers stylish shoes for every season at an affordable price. Need shoes for fall? Sign up for King & Stone’s seasonal subscription service by telling them your size and preferred style, then you’ll be charged $75 for the first pair of shoes, which is broken down into payments of $25 per month. 

Tizqar (Onyx)
King & Stone Tizqar

Like what you’re seeing? You can prepay for the next season of shoes, or get a discount for a full season subscription, which covers the entire year (around $280 for 4 pair per year). Don’t worry, no matter what season you decide sign up during, you’ll get your first pair of shoes in about 10 days. After that, you receive a new pair of shoes every 3 months (each season, get it?).

King & Stone Tizqar
King & Stone Tizqar from the front

We’ve seen subscription services for clothing, but King & Stone take it to the next level with their focus on affordable shoes you actually want to wear. A great deal is well… great, but the question remains. What about the quality? The company was gracious enough to send us a pair of the Tizquar in Onyx in order to take a closer look.

Tizqar Star Patterned Bottoms
King & Stone Tizqar treads

The Tizqar features a black suede upper, multicolored cotton lining, with white rubber soles. The shoe is comfortable, flexible and appealing. It can be dressed up with a pair of khakis and slacks or can be worn casual with jeans. The Tizqar is classic black and white sleek shoe, but the standout and most enjoyable feature had to be the star pattern on the bottom sole.

The bad news? If you have feet larger than size 12, you’re out of luck here. The Tizqar is part of the Fall 2016 collection and is ready to ship. Learn more about King & Stone shoes at