Josh Lamon's Red Carpet Suit for Groundhog Day
Photo: Larry Hamilton/ bluephotonyc

Josh Lamon on Finding the Perfect Red Carpet Suit

Actor Josh Lamon was gearing up for the opening of the Broadway musical adaptation of Groundhog Day, and knew he needed a look that would stand out on the red carpet. Having helped him find the perfect suit for a previous red carpet, he came to Chubstr to find this new look, and we were happy to help him out.

Josh wanted something that was a bit more fun and playful, while still sleek and put together. Knowing what he was looking for, we called in the experts at Indochino, who specialize in custom made suits, shirts and pants. Sure enough, they were able to get Josh exactly what he wanted.

Josh Lamon outside Groundhog Day on Broadway
Photo: Larry Hamilton/ bluephotonyc

Indochino invited Josh to their New York showroom to get his measurements and find him the perfect suit. He opted for blue and brown plaid 3 piece suit with a light blue oxford dress shirt, and a teal cotton silk tie. Indochino took the order and started making the suit. A few weeks later, it arrived, and Josh went back to the showroom for a final fitting.

Josh Lamon gets ready for the red carpet
Photo: Larry Hamilton/ bluephotonyc

As he prepared for the opening, he reflected on finding the perfect suit for his needs. “What I loved about the suit was I wanted something colorful, but that wouldn’t make me look like I was an extra in Guys & Dolls. The incredible team at Indochino was there to help me make every decision along the way, as well as look at every color combo possible before I found this stunning fabric.”

Josh Lamon backstage at Groundhog Day
Larry Hamilton/ bluephotonyc

I caught up with Josh after the opening, and asked him how he felt, walking the red carpet knowing he was dress in something that fit and looked great on him. “I felt like a fucking rockstar. The suit fits my personality to a t. Outgoing, fun, professional and sexy. My favorite part of the look was how bold the pattern of the suit and tie were. Plus, that tie clip. To this day, I still get compliments on it.”

Get your own suit custom made to your size and specifications from Indochino starting at $389. Choose from more than 200 style and color combinations to find one that’s perfect for you.