Indochino Presents the Vincero Collection

Indochino’s Vincero Collection Offers Fine Italian Suits in Your Size

Indochino's High Quality Vincero Collection

Our favorite custom men’s suit company, Indochino, has released a number of luxury Italian suits as part of their new Vincero collection. Made from the same high quality fabrics used by international design houses, they’ve created a higher end product while continuing to keep the focus on giving customers the perfect fit. The collection gives you 8 new suits of varying types and colors to choose from. I’m a sucker for a three piece suit, so the Vincero Light Gray Herringbone 3 Piece Suit is my favorite of the bunch.

Indochino's Vincero Collection Liner

The Vincero collection includes Reda fabrics direct from Italy. Reda has been delivering high quality fabrics for over 150 years, so you know you’re getting a quality product. The suit liners, also made by Reda, are lightweight and more breathable than silk, which comes in handy for a bigger guy that gets warm pretty easily. If you’re unfamiliar with Indochino, all of their suits (and shirts, blazers, pants, etc) are custom made to your exact specifications. Once you choose a suit, you input your measurements (as we’ve mentioned, you want to go to a professional to get properly measured), choose the exact look you want, and you’re set.

Vincero Collection Suit By Indochino

With higher quality fabrics comes higher prices; suits in the Vincero collection range from $629 to $829. Of course, if these aren’t your cup of tea, you can choose from the 20 other suits available from Indochino starting at $379. If you’re looking for a quality suit with style for less than $1000, this is the first place we’d recommend looking.

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