Indochino’s Traveling Tailor Hits Boston

Getting fitted with Indochino's Traveling Tailor

Most guys would agree that having a custom suit created for them sounds extravagant, elite, and down right expensive. Sure, we all want to look like Clooney, but most of us don’t have the same physique or the deep pockets that he does. So, how does the modern guy look like he’s got a million bucks without spending a million bucks? That’s easy: Indochino.

Born online, Indochino’s founders decided that all men should have access to custom suits without having to go through the lengthy measurement/tailoring process, and without breaking the bank. You can imagine how excited we were when word got out that Indochino’s Traveling Tailor was headed to our own city – Boston. The company is doing what very few online retailers are doing, bringing the operation to their customers by way of brick and mortar pop-up shops across the country.

One of Indochino's Traveling Tailors

Greeted by Luke, our expert tailor, the appointment began with a quick rundown of how the process works. Height, weight, and age are factors in the suit making process. They’re noted and passed on to the suit maker before construction begins. Based on this information, and a few measurements, Luke quickly selected a jacket and pair of pants as a guide for us to try on. He then gathered more detailed measurements and asked questions like “are you going to wear this suit every day?” and “Do you usually wear a watch? If so, what size?” With answers to these questions, the suit starts to take shape. All the notes and measurements are input into an iPod to ensure accuracy.

Luke agreed that when you’re a bigger guy, less fabric is better, so we kept the pants slim with a short rise to maximize leg length and create the illusion of a long lean silhouette. Then came the real magic. Luke began to gently pull the fabric, gather it between his fingers, roll it around a bit, and feel down the shoulders for any wrinkles, divots or creases that would ultimately create a messy looking suit. Sometimes there’s more to a great fit than numbers and measurements, sometimes you have to trust your eye, and the touch of your hands to craft a garment. Ask any designer, they’ll agree.

Indochino suits are custom made to your sizeOnce the fitting was complete, we were whisked away by a style consultant to pick fabrics. Indochino offers two tiers of suit, Premium and Essential. Essential suits are an everyday suit and will only set you back $379. That’s top to bottom – all inclusive. The fabric selection ranges from basic (think navy and gray herringbone) to a modern take on Prince of Wales plaid. Whether you select the Essential or Premium suit, the fabric looks and feels great. It’s lightweight and breathable while still nicely holding its shape.

The style consultant helps you make selections of color, pattern, and lining. They encourage out of the box combinations that reflect your personality to truly make your suit custom. Linings range from silver, scarlet, to yes, purple (our favorite). Other options include straight or slanted pockets, with or without pocket flaps, and interior monogramming. We then moved on to more subtle details. The button holes can be trimmed in the same color as the suit’s lining. So, if you chose a gray Prince of Wales plaid suit with purple lining (which we did), the lapel button hole and last cuff button hole would also be purple. A subtle, but very custom touch.

After all the options are selected, your style consultant will run through your chosen options one more time to make sure everything is to your liking. If it is, you swipe your card, and your suit is on its way right to your front door. The best parts of purchasing a suit from Indochino is that the suits some with an “insurance policy” of sorts. A $75 tailoring credit is allotted just in case additional alterations need to be made once it arrives. If the suit can’t be made perfect within that $75, Indochino will make you a brand new suit. Not too shabby.

Visit the Traveling Tailor through 4/15

Beginning to end, the process thoroughly makes you feel VIP. There’s nothing pretentious or stuffy about it, just quality suits made to your exact specifications. It doesn’t get much better than that. If you can’t get to an Indochino Traveling Tailor, the entire process can happen online at Take a few quick measurements using their guidelines, pick your options, send them in and your suit is on its way.

Visit Indochino’s Traveling Tailor in Boston through April 15th. Book an appointment & receive a complimentary dress shirt and gift set ($157 value) with a suit purchase. Click here for more details. 

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