Indochino Introduces Cotton Suits for Summer


Worried about becoming a sweaty beast in your more formal attire as the weather gets warmer? Indochino’s got you covered with their new line of cotton suits for Summer.

The Indochino site offers 5 suits to choose from in various colors, so you’re likely to find something that fits your preferences. The suits are made with a fabric called CoolCotton, which is exclusive to the company. It helps keep you cooler and does a better job of staying wrinkle free, which cotton suits are known for being.

These suits give you the option of being dressed up for the workday, as well as classing up the t-shirt and sneakers you’re wearing when you’re headed out to live it up. I’m partial to the Openly Olive and the Navy Cotton suits, but I can certainly see gents pulling off the khaki look as well.

If you’re unfamiliar with Indochino, they are an online custom clothier that specializes in fashionable men’s suits. With over 30 types of suits available on the site, you can find something for every occasion. Since the suits are custom made, you can get one that fits you exactly. Check back in the coming weeks for our review of the Indochino ordering process.

What do you think of the suits? Do you stop wearing more formal attire when it gets warm? Would you buy a suit that helped you stay cool during the Summer months? Give us your thoughts below.