Gulliva is stylish big men's clothing 2x to 6x

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The eternal problem of the plus size man: finding clothes that fit in a style you’d actually want to wear in public. Sure, it’s easy to find something to cover your body with, but what do you do when you want to wear something that looks good? Easy. You shop new Australian menswear brand, Gulliva.

Gulliva offers shirts, shorts, pants, jeans and outerwear in 2X to 6X

Shop a variety of casual shirts by Gulliva from 2XL – 6XL in the Chubstr Shop

Getting to Know Gulliva

Gulliva specializes in modern clothing in sizes 2XL – 6XL for shirts and tops, and 40 to 48 in bottoms, size ranges that normally don’t get much focus. Their mission is to offer stylish options in the sizes that bigger men are looking for. This doesn’t mean skimping on quality, however. You’ll notice a focus on details, finishes, and quality of fabric. Gulliva is taking their customer seriously, which isn’t always the case when it comes to big men’s clothing.

Founders Natasha McDonough and Kevin Blackburn understand the pain points of the average man of size – they started the brand due to the frustration that came with trying to find clothes that would fit Kevin, who was a 2XL. After coming up empty-handed, they decided to take Natasha’s experience working in product development and buying for brands like Gap, and Kevin’s brand design expertise to create something big guys would be proud to wear.

Gulliva Style in sizes 2X to 6X

Gulliva offers jeans & chinos in sizes 40 – 48. Get them in the Chubstr Shop.

What Gulliva Has to Offer Plus Size Men

Understanding that most guys our sizes don’t have a “go-to” shop, Natasha and Kevin set out to create just that – a brand that offers customers everything they want in the styles and sizes they need. You’ll find a variety of shirts, hoodies, jackets, shorts, pants, and jeans at Gulliva, in modern styles reminiscent of what you’re used to seeing in mainstream shops. The difference? The clothes at Gulliva are actually made to fit YOUR body!

Lo and behold, a brand offering clothes that fit! You might be asking yourself what the catch is. Do I need to take out a loan to finance a new look? Gulliva has that covered as well. Their clothes range from around $35 for tees, to $165 USD for jackets and blazers. Not a bad price range for clothes you’ll be wearing for quite a while.

Meet Gulliva

The Unstructured Canvas Blazer in Black or Slate from 2XL -6XL

Gulliva Understands Style for Big Guys

If you’re like most big men, you’re used to taking whatever you can get when it comes to style. Gulliva has created a line that features modern, contemporary clothing that looks new and relevant. From patterned tees and chambray button downs, to jackets, blazers, and chinos that are made with bigger legs in mind, Natasha and Kevin have figured out how to create clothing that looks great on you without strangling you like a sausage.

Gulliva's Mr. Poplin Shirt in Slate

The Mr. Poplin Utility Shirt in Slate. Sizes 2XL – 6XL $83

I’m partial to the Mr Poplin Button-down Shirt in slate, the Chino Twill Pant in midnight, and the Mr. Knit Waffle in Navy. The interesting thing about Gulliva is that I can actually see myself in anything they offer, which just doesn’t happen. It’s a brand that makes clothes you’re instantly comfortable wearing, but that doesn’t feel bland and safe.

Find Your New Favorites at Gulliva

You’ve been looking for it for years, and now you’ve found it: intelligently designed clothing for the fashion conscious larger guy. Find out what Gulliva has to for you by shopping their products in the Chubstr Shop, or at

  • Allie Bradley

    Jordann Bradley nice

  • Kaylynn Kavease

    Waaay to pricey

  • Melissa Perez-Noy

    Babe 🙂 Steve .. I saw some cute stuff .. So get ready 🙂

  • Jonathan Franklin

    I am very happy to see places like this starting to pop up, but I really wish there was an affordable option for us big guys. Currently Old Navy and American Eagle seem to be the only places that keep some larger sizes at decent prices for more fashionable items.

  • ShannonClemons

    Jonathan Franklin JC Penny’s (at least the local ones in my area) and Macy’s have decent Big/Tall sections and reasonable prices. Look for sales coming up during the holiday season!

  • Jonathan Franklin

    ShannonClemons Awesome! I’ll have to check out JCP!

  • Kenneth Keith

    6XL = 48 inch waist ? Really ?


    Thank you all for sharing, liking and commenting – we hope you like our brand, story and product. Thanks, Gulliva (Not for the Average)

  • Alex Smith

    i really like the unstructured canvas blazer, its a really great piece and i kinda want one for myself, hopefully i can convince my husbear to cop one. that said, it seems to be the only piece that looks non-standard and worthy of the price tag.mmmaaaybbbe the jeans, but at the prices they’re asking i’d like to see more in design quality and innovation. definitely a good start and i’d like to see where they take it in the future

  • Justine Renee

    Really boring clothes for way way way too much money. 6X is 48 inch waist? $145 for a plain gray sweater? lol. no thanks. Not something I would waste my money on for my husband. My personal opinion is that they either need to be a little more creative in the designs, or lower your prices. Right now, such boring and plain clothes aren’t worth what they are asking.

  • Jesse Kalin

    my thoughts exactly. Great that there is a brand, but theres nothing amazing about the clothes and the cost is outrageous

  • Victoria Resendez
    Has some nice men’s wear that’s plus sized.

  • Jody Renaldo

    That has to be Australian sizing. A 6XL jean is for a 48″ waist?? A 6XL jean in America is for something like a 70″ or 80″ waist.