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The Well-Rounded Gent: Grooming on the Go With a Well-Stocked Dopp Kit

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You know that collection of hotel shampoo and lotion you have from raiding the maid’s cart? You know how you shove them all into a plastic bag, toss it in your suitcase, and head out? Well that’s all about the change. We present to you, The Dopp Kit.


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Created by Charles Doppelt in 1919, and given to GI’s during World War II, the Dopp Kit has evolved into a go-to bag of essentials for every guy. Keep your Dopp packed at all times and use it in your daily routine.

Your Dopp Kit should be broken down into 3 categories; Face, Hair (including beard), & Body.

For the Face


When traveling, tired puffy eyes and dark circles are not only inevitable, they’re the norm. Don’t be that guy. Pick up a product like Clinique for Men Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel. ($28). This roll-on gel hydrates & brightens tired-looking eyes. Use it before you head out for the night, or when you’re recovering the next day.


Recirculating air like on a plane or in a car dries out skin. Make sure to stash a light face lotion in your Dopp kit. Use Nivea for Men Gel Moisturizer ($10). It’ll perk your skin without leaving it greasy or weighed down.


If you’re the kind of guy that shaves (aka beardless) your Dopp Kit should be stocked with quality shaving products. We’re not going to get into the fine details of razors, just make sure to pick one that you feel comfortable with and gives a tight close shave. For shaving cream check out Menskin Shave Stick ($18). Click the stick up like deodorant, rub between your hands and mix with water. You’ve got a full face of shave cream from an easily packable stick. Aftershave? That’s your call. Just make sure its lightly scented and lotion based.


What better time to keep oral hygiene in check than when you’re in the close quarters of an airplane, train, or bus. Keep a dedicated toothbrush in your Dopp kit (so you never forget to pack one) and be sure its covered. Use a toothbrush holder that inhibits bacteria growth and odor (The Container Store, $3). For toothpaste; pack the travel size version of your favorite brand.

For The Hair


Taming wild locks after sleeping on a plane, train, or bus is almost impossible. To keep your hair in line, try a paste, hair wax or a hybrid product like Bumble & Bumble Sumotech ($34.50). The best part is it’s designed for short hair and holds everything in place. Plus, no one wants to be that guy walking through the lobby with his cowlick sticking up.


Sometimes hotel shampoo (or the bottle in your buddy’s shower) doesn’t quite meet your standards. Suave for Men 3-in-1 ($8) is the triple threat. It’s shampoo, conditioner, and body wash all in 1 bottle. Talk about easy.



Bearded men are proud of their facial scruff! Make sure your Dopp kit includes a product like Bluebeards Original Beard Saver ($22) Not only does it work as an anti-itch for new growth, but it also smoothes out existing wiry facial hair and dissolves dirt and oils trapped by whiskers for a clean feeling beard. If you’re a clean shaven guy (sorry about that) we at Chubstr say let that beard grow while traveling! It makes a great souvenir.


For the Body


Want to scrub all that travel off of you? A bar of Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap will do the trick. Packed with oatmeal and pumice this bar will scrub away travel grime leaving you smooth and refreshed. Rough elbows and heels? You’re covered there too.



Face it, traveling makes you sweaty no matter how luxurious your mode of transportation or how well timed out your trip is. A stick of Degree Adrenaline Series Deodorant before you head out will keep you dry. The formula reacts to changing body conditions and temperature to give you wetness protection when you need it. If sweating makes you a little smelly too (we’re guilty) C.O.Bigelow Elixir Blue Spray ($12) not only deodorizes, but leaves a fresh light scent too.



Just like your medicine cabinet at home, your Dopp kit should include a nail clipper and small pair of scissors. Trim up those nails once you get to your destination, don’t be that guy clipping out in public. As for the scissor, use them to tame any unruly hair like eyebrows or nose hair.


Advil, Tylenol, and Pepto Bismol should always be kept in your kit. Nothing is worse than a pounding headache or upset stomach without a remedy at hand.


A product like Smith’s Rosebud Salve is the one item to never be without. It helps sooth everything from chapped lips to rough elbows. Forget your hair product? Use a tiny amount to smooth our your ‘do. It’s a miracle product made right here in the US of A.




Stash a $20 bill in your Dopp just in case. You never know when the extra cash might come in handy in case you lose your wallet or your hotel room gets ransacked.

A well-stocked Dopp Kit isn’t just a staple for traveling, it can also serve as an excellent organizer for your daily grooming routines. Keep one in your gym locker, stashed in your desk at work, or in your car for those unexpected grooming emergencies—yes, grooming emergencies do happen.

Like the bag in the featured photo? You can get the Ball and Buck Dopp bag at for $68.

Did we miss anything? What do you keep in your Dopp kit? Let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

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