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Four in Hand Shows Us How Accessories Can Make the Man

Four in Hand Accessories Review
Photo: Kenneth Fish

Accessories. A thing added to another thing to make it more functional, versatile, or appealing. Four in Hand: A common knot used to tie a necktie. Also a company that curates four-piece accessory boxes for men interested in adding a bit of flourish to the standard uniform of shirt, jacket, pants, and shoes.

Testing Out Four In Hand
Photo: Kenneth Fish

You see, some days you just get dressed, and that’s that. There are times, however, when that is not enough, times when you probably don’t need a little more, but you certainly do want it. That’s where Four in Hand comes in. Accessories the easy way.

Four in Hand Box

What’s Inside a Four in Hand Box?

Today’s hint o’ flourish comes in the form of a bow tie, lapel pin, pocket square, and socks from the folks at Four in Hand. The bow tie, a handsome red, white, and blue cotton tartan is of the adjustable sort and will extend out to 19.75”. The lapel pin, which may be my favorite part of this particular Four in Hand box, is a simple little puff (like a cloth carnation) of brick-colored houndstooth cloth. It’s as uncomplicated as it is eye-catching. The denim blue pocket square is designed to mimic Damask cloth with its jaunty tonal print of flowers and falling leaves. It is only printed on one side, so it is up to you how you want to fold, and therefore show off, this pocket square.

Lastly, tying the whole thing together, we have the socks. Though perhaps a little conservative on their own, these cotton/poly/nylon socks really anchor the ensemble and make it possible for admirers of good kit to take the head-to-toe tour.

Four in Hand accessories on display
Photo: Kenneth Fish

Now here’s the thing: these items aren’t just nice accessories. They are kind of like the gateway drugs to more and better accessorizing. These little boxes can elevate a mundane outfit and make it a full-on ensemble. Right now, has seven different curated collections available from Four in Hand that should help with further inspiration AND they are all on sale. So, start accessorizing!