Fat Trunk Big & Tall Jeans

Fat Trunk Wants to Put the ‘Sexy’ in Your Big & Tall Jeans

We all know that most brands don’t make clothes specifically for bigger bodies. For years, we’ve had to make do with whatever we can find, and that can mean not loving what you end up wearing. A new brand called Fat Trunk wants to help change that. The brand’s goal is to make you feel sexy when you pull on a pair of their jeans, launching on Kickstarter today, October 12th with sizes ranging from 38 to 60.

Fat Trunk Big & Tall Jeans

Created Out of Necessity

Like many products, Fat Trunk grew out of need. After talking to a group of friends about how difficult it was to find bigger jeans that fit them, Fat Trunk’s Will Perry decided to focus on creating a solution.

Perry took his time, learning all about the pain points that plus size people have when it comes to their jeans. He learned that most big & tall clothing is based on a pattern that was created for a smaller person and is then scaled up. The result is a product that doesn’t accommodate bigger bodies as well as it should. This wasn’t going to work for Perry, so he flipped the process on its head.

The Fat Trunk Jeans pattern is modeled on a size 54 and then sized down, which results in more comfortable and better fitting big & tall jeans. Once the pattern was complete, Perry and the Fat Trunk team spent time testing and iterating with samples until they found their perfect fit.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Once they cracked the code around fit, the guys at Fat Trunk knew they couldn’t skimp on quality. If you’ve ever owned a pair of jeans made with stretch fabric, you know how they can become baggy after repeated wear. This doesn’t happen with Fat Trunk. Using a blend of cotton, spandex, and polyester, they were able to make jeans that look and feel great but also keep their shape over time. Even the dark indigo wash will naturally age, changing shade over time in a way that is unique to your specific pair.

Add fully-lined back pockets, durable chain stitching, and rivets at every stretch point, and you’ve got big and tall jeans that are made to last.

Fat Trunk Jeans Are Made For Bigger Bodies

When you’re designing clothes for bigger bodies, the details can make all the difference. Fat Trunk understood this and implemented unique features into their jeans. The waistband and front and back rises were contoured and durably constructed to accommodate rounder bodies. The leg openings were tailored to remove excess fabric for a more modern and stylish look.

Fat Trunk Jeans indigo wash

A Focus on Body Positivity and Inclusion

Inclusion is core to the Fat Trunk mission. They believe that all bodies are sexy and that putting on your favorite pair of jeans should make you look and feel your best. Perry notes that while their jeans were originally modeled for plus size men, they want everyone to be able to wear them.

Support the Fat Trunk Kickstarter

Starting today, you can get your own pair of Fat Trunk jeans via their new Kickstarter campaign. Support independent small businesses making products for plus size people and buy a pair of jeans, with sizes from 38 – 60 with a 33” inseam in indigo blue. Learn more about Fat Trunk at their website, and follow them on Instagram: @fattrunk.

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