Fashion Tips For Big Guys From Boston Style Chat

style-chat (n): a conversation, usually started on Twitter, where style ideas, advice, and tips are traded. Often open to the public and organized by a panel of fashion insiders.

Last Thursday I was honored to join #BostonStyleChat hosted by Dress Code Boston with panel of Boston Fashion insiders and influencers at the W Hotel. Each panelist, all from different fashion backgrounds, shared their ideas about current trends, answered questions from our moderator and the public via twitter. Check out the tweets below for a recap of our conversation and some elaboration on the tweets . It’s hard to get all those tips into 140 characters!

The moderator asked me:

I say start with an attitude or a feeling you want the outfit to capture. Do you want to look Classic? Carefree? Refined? Figure that out and then build from there. I use my personal style as an example. By building off of the environment or event I’m dressing for, I can dress appropriately while keeping my personal style intact.

The moderator asked:

The ever knowledgeable Emmi (@AskEmmi) of gave this answer:

Emmi’s tip about accessories also applies to every day life outside of the corporate environment and is especially applicable to big guys. It’s not always easy finding items that are on trend in our sizes. Instead of hunting high and low, try incorporating accessories like cufflinks, ties, or socks that reflect current trends. We were talking about this tie, available at Nordstrom, as a perfect way to show a little personality while ¬†wearing something appropriate for the workplace and staying on trend.

Finally, this question was asked and I think it sums up the night, the idea of fashion and Chubstr’s mission:

As a big guy who’s into fashion, this is my personal philosophy; look great and feel great at any size. People notice when you’re confident and will respond to it. Let it happen and bask in the great feeling. Take an extra moment in the morning to refine your look; try an accessory (think cufflinks or watch), run your hands through your hair, or put a scarf on under your coat. Those extra few minutes will pay off and have you feeling great all day long.

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Feature photo courtesy Dress Code Boston

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