Keep Time This Fall With These Watches for Big Wrists

Fall is upon us. Really and truly now. And with changing seasons come changing wardrobes. Linen turns to corduroy, short sleeves go long, the sweater emerges. A changing wardrobe should warrant a change in accessories, too, and this fall the wrist watch is the perfect accessory. Below, you’ll find tips to help you pick out the perfect watch for a big wrist, and we’ll introduce you to a few of our favorite watches for fall.

Image: Macy’s

How to Find a Watch that Fits Your Wrist

No matter your style, the most important factor to consider is a watch’s size and how it will fit your wrist. So measure your wrist before you buy. A little 34-mm dress watch can look like a dime on an 8.5-inch wrist, while a 46-mm diver might be the perfect fit.

Diameter is measured from 9 to 3

As you browse watches, note their measurements, including case diameter, measured from 9 to 3. Also note the length from lug tip to lug tip, as that determines how well a watch will sit across your wrist. Long lugs (say 52 mm, tend to overhang 6-inch wrists, for example. A final measurement to consider is the height of the watch. You won’t get a 16-mm tall hunk of steel and glass beneath the cuff of a dress shirt.

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Consider These 3 Fall Watches for Wider Wrists

The above basics accounted for, here are three watches that transcend the mere “fashion watch”—and they won’t break the bank.

Steelix Momentum Watch
Momentum Steelix Watch ($99)

Momentum Steelix

Based in Vancouver, B.C., Momentum has a solid, well-earned reputation for building great watches that just work, and their customer service is second to none. The Steelix is a no-frills quartz watch with a five-year battery, a 200-meter depth rating, a hardy 44- mm stainless steel case, and amazing legibility. Offered with either a black or blue dial on a simple nylon Nato strap, it’s a go-anywhere, do-anything companion that offers lots of bang for the buck at just $99.

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Timex Todd Snyder MS-1 41mm ($158)

Timex MS-1

Everybody’s heard that old nugget about Timex: “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” These days, people are saying “Damn, that’s a cool watch.” The old slogan still holds true, but there is so much style going on across several Timex lines right now that it’s hard to pick one watch that stands out. So consider something from Timex’s collaboration with designer Todd Snyder, which plays on Timex’s rich heritage in contemporary ways. The 41-mm MS-1 is a reliable quartz piece with the terrific Indiglo function to make nighttime time telling a snap. It retails for $158.

Seiko SKX007
Seiko SKX007 ($207)

Seiko SKX007

Japanese brand Seiko has been in the time-telling game for more than 100 years, and unlike many rivals, Seiko produces every piece of every watch that wears its name—cases, movements, crystals, dials and hands, everything. That close control has led to a solid reputation for incredibly well-built, durable watches, and few are as highly regarded as the SKX007 dive watch.

Rated to 200 meters of water resistance, this 42- mm automatic “tool watch” is the latest in a long line of Seiko divers that dates back to the late 1960s. It’s a no-nonsense piece that watch nerds everywhere will recognize instantly, and it comes either on a rubber strap or a comfy jubilee bracelet. The SKX007 is widely available for $175–$250.

Shopping for a Watch? Go With Your Gut

One final thing to note about watches is that it’s not really necessary to try them on first or buy them in person. If you like the style and the specs work with your wrist size, chances are good that you’ll love it once you strap it on, so buy with confidence.