DOME Shades Returns with Sunglasses for Big Heads

Bruce from Chubstr in DOME Shades

Bruce wearing a DOME Shades prototype earlier this year

Back in March, we told you about DOME Shades, a new company with a mission to make stylish sunglasses for big heads. They were kickstarting their project and getting things off the ground at the time, and sent me over a prototype pair of glasses. When we originally talked to founder Andrew Regan, he said:

“99% of non-sport sunglasses don’t fit large head sizes and are extremely uncomfortable after 20 minutes. I want to help correct this problem.”

DOME Shades

It seems like Andrew has been able to crack the code with uniquely stylish sunglasses that actually fit those of us who need a little more space up top. DOME is launching with three colors – brown, black, and blue. Don’t be surprised if you see more styles introduced next year. The glasses are made from the same raw materials used to make specs for brands such as Ray-Ban, Bvlgari, and Armani. Though this probably won’t matter to most of you, it’s worth noting that the frames are constructed from M49 handmade Italian cellulose acetate, and the lenses are crystal clear CR-39.

Dome Shades in Tortoise

The prototype pair of DOME Shades from Bruce’s test in March

Are DOME Shades Worth It?

I was able to get a bit of hands-on time with a prototype of the brown glasses earlier this year, and as you can see from the photo, they fit my large head really well. I personally like the fact that the frame shape complements larger, rounder heads, taking care of an additional problem we large-headed folks have to deal with when searching for glasses of any kind. If you’ve always had a problem finding stylish sunglasses for big heads, give DOME Shades a look. Glasses range from $89 – $109, PLUS: use the code CHUBSTR for an additional $10 off.

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