Discovering Premium Spirits With Flaviar


The Well-Rounded Gent focuses on the finer things in life. From fashion and grooming, to etiquette, food, and drink, you’ll find it covered here. This week, Scott Spolverino take a closer look at Flaviar, a premium spirit delivery service.

I have always loved grab bags. Those delicate little pouches of pre-packaged mystery that you could find in shops, filled with random detritus. Stapled paper bags or plastic sacks with “BOY” or “GIRL” written on them, crammed full with possibility. I love them. I had a system for grab bags: emphasize the grab. I’d manhandle each bag, ruminating as to what the contents could be, until I found the one that struck my fantasy the most.

These days, my passions are more mature. Mystery cigars and alcohol are something that bring me great joy. For cigars, the availability of grab bags is relatively prolific. Most cigar catalogs offer a few options. But alcohol…spirits in particular…they aren’t as easy.

There are a variety of places online that sell sample sizes of spirits at affordable prices. The only hitch is you have to pick them. Where’s the surprise in that? That’s no grab bag. That’s a pick and choose bag.

But, lo, an email from Bruce crossed my desk the other day that made my heart leap with joy. Flaviar, a company that specializes in monthly taster packs of spirits, had a pack with my name on it, if I so chose. And choose I did. After a few days, the pack arrived at my door in a neat little brown box.

Flaviar Shipping Box

It was like the bundles of infinite possibility of old. What wonders could it hold? Tasty, distilled wonders! With a slip of a knife and some jimmying of the box lid, there it sat.

Flaviar Packaging

The packaging was clean and sleek. No frills, but none needed. I liked the little seals; it added a touch of class. Going further in….

Unboxing the Flaviar Kit

There it was. The best grab bag I have ever gotten.

The kit is impressive. Looks aside, it’s got some great stuff in it.

What’s Included in a Flaviar Pack?

The paperwork provided information on tasting. The one with the black cover was an introduction to how to taste what was in the box: the equipment necessary, how to evaluate the spirit’s flavor, color, and aroma, whether to add ice or water, etc. The second was a list of all of the whiskies along with suggested tasting notes and distillery information. As for the whiskies themselves, it’s a very, very good selection.

Close Up on the Flaviar Kit

Amrut Single Malt, Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban, Nikka Yoichi 10 Year Old, Greenore 8 Single Grain, and, one that I’ve never had (which impressed me all the more), Santis Cask Strength. All very solid choices for an introduction pack.

Down to the facts: this pack will cost you $44.99. You can order individual spirit samplers from their website, for anywhere from $42.99 to $69.99. They all include five (5) 45ml samples of spirit in a variety of ABVs. You can opt for the subscription pack, in which they send you a pre-selected tasting pack each month for $39.99 a month (first month is $24.99). They also sell full bottles of spirit as well. The shipping time for subscriptions is 12-18 days and for single packs/bottle is 2-8 days. I’m not entirely sure where they ship from, to be honest. My set shipped from Slovenia so I’m guessing they have an office in London and ship from a bonded warehouse in Slovenia.


Should You Buy a Flaviar Box?

Would I recommend it? Yes, I would. While it may seem a steep price, the quality of spirits chosen is rock solid. The volume of liquor you get per sample is great as well. And it’s an easy way to effortlessly taste a wide variety of what the world has to offer in terms of booze. You subscribe (or purchase one of the single packs), clean out a glass, and wait by the mailbox. And, if you don’t look at what the subscription is for the month…you get to enjoy your own ethanol-infused grab-bag delivered straight to your door.

Not knowing never tasting so good.

View the full selection of bottles, tasting packs, and subscriptions starting at $24.99 at

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