Gray Finn Luxe Stretch Denim Blazer styled 3 different ways
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Crank Up Your Style With What’s Already in Your Closet

Spring will arrive in a matter of weeks, and if we’re lucky, that means warmer weather and new clothes. Before you slap down a ton of cash on new looks, consider how you can revamp your style with what’s already in your closet. We talked to Will Noguchi, lead stylist for men’s subscription clothing service, Bombfell, who gave us tips on exactly that, plus info on new trends and colors. Read his tips below.

ASOS big and tall patterned shirt
Patterns aren’t going anywhere

Here’s What’s New for 2019

This season was all about patterns, but looking ahead we’re seeing this trend shift from pattern play into fabric play. You’ll see more interestingly dyed or treated fabrics that offer a lighter feel, which works well for big and tall men. A lighter and more springtime feel can also reduce hard lines in prints and create a softer overall appearance. Your eye focuses on the color story as opposed to being accosted with prints.

Don’t be afraid to try bright colors

Expect the Bold Color Trend to Continue

We are also seeing a carryover of bold colors. For AW18, orange was the color of the moment. It paired well with the olives and autumnal colors of the season while adding a pop to the pallette. We’re seeing this same pop of color carry over, but instead of orange, it’s more focused on pinks, yellows, and bold spring tones!

For big guys, colors can be fun to play with. Look at ways to integrate bits of these bold colors into your look by combining them with more neutral, softer hues.

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Big Boy Bamboo t-shirt w/ a suit jacket

Mix Trends With What’s Already in Your Closet

Incorporating upcoming trends into your wardrobe can seem like a daunting task. By mixing trendy items with things you might already have in your closet, trends become much more understandable and easier to apply to your personal style.


A good way to do this is through layering. Start with a trendy item and layer more classic pieces over it. This anchors the outfit and condenses the visibility of the trend while still maintaining its essence. For example, you could layer a navy blazer over a shirt in a seasonal color like coral, pink, or orange. This limits the amount of the color seen as opposed to wearing a bold shirt on its own. You can apply the same concept can to loud prints.

ASOS DESIGN Plus cord overshirt in mustard - Yellow
ASOS DESIGN Plus cord overshirt in mustard

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Experiment with Tonal Patterns

If you’re interested in integrating patterns, but aren’t comfortable supporting prints all over, try layering prints under solid colored classic pieces. Layer a plaid shirt under a leather jacket and complete the look with a pair of tonal patterned pants. A tonal pattern is one where all the elements of the pattern are in different shades of the same color; a charcoal check against a grey backdrop for example. Tonal patterns are easier to style with because of their simplified color schemes that often read as solid from afar. This allows the plaid shirt to take focus and coexist with the pant without clashing with them!

Happy Socks Black Friday

Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize

Another potentially more subtle way to incorporate trends into your look is through accessories. For the office, add a trendy color to your outfit by pairing a coral pocket square with a navy blazer. For a more casual setting, cuff your jeans/chinos and show off a trendy colored sock! These seasonal pops keep you current without making you feel uncomfortable about fitting a trend into your style. The same idea can be used to add patterns to your look through bags, socks, ties, and other accessories.

The concept behind pattern play, pops of color, and adding trends to your look is to pick one piece to shine and let the other items support it. Highlight what’s best about the pieces and diminish what doesn’t work for you.