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JCRT Plaid Shirts Chubstr

Camping in Oregon Wine Country in JCRT Plaid

JCRT Summer Style Chubstr
Photos by Shanna Sturgell

The big man’s summer dilemma: what can I wear that will look great without making me melt? While tanks and shorts are your best friend when it gets hot, sometimes you need something with a little more style. That’s where JCRT and their hand crafted, limited edition plaid shirts come in.

My wife and I headed to The Vintages, an RV park and vintage travel trailer resort in Oregon wine country for a fun night away, and of course, I took my favorite new JCRT shirt, The Stranger ($125), along with me.

Summer trip to The Vintages in JCRT

JCRT offers shirts with 3 different fits, covering a variety of preferences. The Brooklyn fit is meant to be worn tucked in, while the more casual Portland fit is a bit shorter and roomier, and should be worn untucked. The Wyoming fit is their most versatile and can be worn either way. You’ll notice I’m wearing the Portland fit in these photos.

Inside the airstream at The Vintages

Designers Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra keep things fun by taking the music and literature that inspires them and put it into their work. From shirts named after albums like Violator and Loveless, to their On The Road plaid, there’s an obvious love for the classics here. What’s more, they take the traditional idea of a plaid shirt and turn it on its head with bright, unique color schemes, and their rule-bending bleeding plaid shirts.

Summer fun with JCRT

Putting on my JCRT shirt for the first time, it was obvious that a lot of thought was put into how a body would actually move in it. The Portland and Wyoming fit both boast unique features that allow greater freedom of movement, as well as a sewn on placket (you know – the strip that supports the buttons and buttonholes) adding a bit of reinforcement to the shirt. Big guys can be rough on their clothing, but JCRT figured out ways to address some of these more common issues with finesse.

You need shirts that look great, fit well, and are made to last. Pick up your favorite JCRT shirts with sizes to 4x at