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Bonobos Presses Pause on New Extended Size Collections Until 2021

Several readers have written in asking when menswear retailer Bonobos will be releasing extended sizes as part of their fall/winter collection. Smaller sizes have been available for weeks, but there’s no sign of new big & tall offerings. Unfortunately, company representatives tell Chubstr that there won’t be any new extended size product introduced until 2021.

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Here’s Why Bonobos is So Good for Big Guys

For the last few years, Bonobos has been relatively unique in the big & tall space. The company launched with clothing in sizes to 4X and 54 waist and added fits for multiple plus size body types soon after. The team behind the extended size collection spent a year refining the clothes to make sure they fit bigger bodies well. Bonobos extended size line offers style and a focus on fit that isn’t often found in the market. Exactly what bigger guys have been asking for, right? So, what’s going on?

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Changes are Coming to Bonobos Extended Sizes

We talked to Jill Santos, Director of Marketing Communications at Bonobos to find out what the future holds for extended sizes. “We will continue to offer extended sizing as a brand, but are modifying the offering based on what our shopper is looking for,” Santos said. “More specifically, we’ve seen consistently low consumer demand for the higher end of our extended sizes offering (waist sizes 48 and higher / top sizes 4XL). Select basics are still currently available in these sizes; however, we will be limiting size selections moving forward.”

“Select seasonal products (including shorts and swim) and all future basics will continue to be offered in extended sizes 42 – 46 waist / tops up to 3XL, as these sizes are most popular with our consumers,” Santos continued. “These size options will also fall under one main product page vs. being sold separately as extended size products.”

Santos also mentioned that Bonobos expects spring styles in extended sizes to launch in February 2021. 

Shop Bonobos Full Extended Size Range While it Lasts

It is always difficult when a resource for big & tall clothing removes some or all of their options. While the higher end of Bonobos’ extended size offerings is going away, there is still inventory in sizes 4X/48 waist and up available on their website, with some products at a discount.

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