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Here’s the Big Problem with RompHim Men’s Rompers

Unless you’ve been cut off from civilization for the last few days, you’ve seen the menswear trend of the moment: the men’s romper is making a return. RompHim, a kickstarter project to make stylish men’s rompers got some media attention and set the internet on fire with people who either absolutely loved or absolutely hated the idea of a gentleman wearing a romper.

Here’s the problem:

RompHim Romper Sizing
Where’s MY favorite waist size?

Their sizes end at size 41 waist. As of now, there are no options for bigger guys. You thought we we’re going to complain about guys wearing rompers, didn’t you? Nope. We believe you can wear whatever you want. You won’t suddenly be less masculine because you’re wearing a romper. Don’t let outdated ideas of masculinity hold you back. If you can find a romper in a size 46, or 56, wear it with pride! Style is in the eye of the beholder, and you shouldn’t be afraid to take chances, and try something outside of your comfort zone.

Want man-rompers in your size? Be vocal – make sure the people behind RompHim know they need to add extended sizes, and quickly. Take to social media, or their website, and let them know. If you don’t want to wait for the plus size men’s romper craze to come around, you can take matters into your own hands, and cut up a jumpsuit, or look for an alternative in your size. Some people who have gone the short overall route have been able to put together a good look from ASOS. If they don’t have your size, your DIY skills might have to come out.

UPS Romper

Rest assured, we’re looking for men’s big and tall rompers, and when we find them, we’ll bring them to you here.

RompHims men's romper by the pool - hand shake
Photo: RompHim

The moral of the story here is that you can and should wear whatever you want, show off your style, and be unafraid to try a new and potentially interesting look. That’s how you figure out what works for you, and what doesn’t.

What do you think about the men’s romper debate? Would you wear a big and tall mens romper if there were one available? Tell us on social @chubstr, or leave a comment below.