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Best Summer Style: The Indochino Essential Blue Suit

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Indochino reached out to let us know that they have updated their suit making process, so now – in stores, their patterns only allow them to make suits to a size 56. According to the company, however, you can still order online (measuring yourself from the comfort of your own home) and get a suit in any size.

Summer style doesn’t have to mean shorts, sandals and tees. There are times when a guy needs to dress up, and there are few better ways to do that than by wearing a great fitting suit. When I need something that fits, I turn to Indochino for their custom suiting options. For summer, I opted for the Essential Blue Suit

More detail on the Essential Blue SuitIf you follow Chubstr on Instagram, you might remember this pic from my trip to Indochino’s Traveling Tailor pop up shop in San Francisco.

I was able to work with their team of professionals to get spot-on measurements, and to talk about the type of suit I wanted.

Anthony, one of the gents running the pop up shop, walked me through the type of suits Indochino offers, and through a series of questions, was able to figure out exactly what would work best for me.

Indochino Traveling Tailors take the details into consideration, which makes all the difference in the world. We talked cuff type, pick stitching (brown), lining (brown bemberg), lapels (hint: if you’re short and wide like me, go with a peak wide lapel), and more.

As someone who doesn’t suit up very often, they were able to make me feel at ease while walking through the process. If you have the opportunity, visit the Traveling Tailor if it stops near you.

The Essential Blue Suit

If you’re unable to make it to an Indochino pop up store, don’t fret – you can get the same kind of service through their website. Find the suit you like, and add it to your cart. You’ll be taken through the process of figuring out all the details that make up your suit, along with suggestions for different body types and styles. The company does a good job of making buying a suit online pain-free.

The Essential Blue Suit retails for $449 and can be custom made and shipped to you in about a month. If you need a great looking suit made to your exacting specifications without spending a ton of cash, this is the way to go. Unsure of how to customize your suit? Contact us and we’ll give you tips to help you along the way.

Special thanks to Rob Reeves of Wry Toast Photography for the photos, and to Kat Engh of Fashion Penpals for styling and pulling all of this together. Do yourself a favor and follow them both. Thanks to Bar Dogwood in Oakland for letting us use their space for the shoot.