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Adidas Shoes Summer 2019
Photos: Shanna Sturgell

Best Shoes of Summer 2019: adidas

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Before you know it, summer will be over. Instead of mourning the passing of bright, beautiful days and hot summer nights, we’re taking a look at some of the things we loved this season. Kicking things off, The shoes I wore all summer, almost without exception come from adidas.

Bruce Sturgell Chubstr Adidas
adidas Stan Smith for Summer

My Sneaker Renaissance

It’s been a while since I’ve owned sneakers I actually like. With feet as wide as mine, you have to pick shoes that: A. Won’t constrict your feet and B. You won’t destroy in a few weeks. When the opportunity arose to put some new adidas to the test, I was cautiously optimistic. Lucky for me, the first pair I got my hands on fit my big foot perfectly.

The whole experience reminded me that your shoes can express your style and allowed me to take a first step into what sneaker connoisseurs have known forever: there are some amazing kicks out there. I needed more! Here’s what I’ve been wearing this summer.

adidas Home of Classics Stan Smith
adidas Stan Smith

adidas Home of Classics: Stan Smith

The Home of Classics collection is a collection of some of adidas’ most influential old-school designs that everybody knows and loves. Few designs represent this idea better than the Stan Smith. This is the first mostly white shoe I’ve had in my closet in years, and I found that it works with a wide variety of looks. For me, summer has been all about staying pretty casual, and the Stan Smith just exudes effortless style. Get a pair of Stan Smith shoes in a variety of colors with sizes to 20 starting at $80.

Adidas NMD Shoe
adidas NMD

adidas NMD

I love the look of the NMD, plus the fact that it’s soft, stretchy and comfortable doesn’t hurt. The shoe combines adidas’ modern shoe technology with the things we love about 80’s shoe design for what is sure to become your next go-to pair. Get the adidas NMD in so many color and design combinations from $75 and up.

adidas Nite Jogger Sneakers
adidas Nite Jogger

adidas Nite Jogger

The Nite Jogger is the shoe that got me back into sneakers. Everything about it is awesome. I found the shoe to be wider and more accommodating to my foot, which meant a much more comfortable fit. The Nite Jogger takes the old school Nite Jogger design and updates it, making this the company’s 1st reflective jogger. It looks totally different in the dark than it does in the daytime. As I said back in April, it’s been a while since I had a sneaker that fit me well and looked so good. Shop the adidas Nite Jogger with sizes to 14 and a whole host of colorways available starting around $100.

Big Guy Jogging in adidas Ultraboost
Jogging in the Ultraboost 19

adidas Ultraboost 19

Imagine my surprise when the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned turned out to be a pair of running shoes. The Ultraboost are my all-around favorite shoe right now. They’re great for anything I’m doing that requires me to be active, from long walks to frequent bike rides. These are the shoes I opt for when I’m going to be out all day. The Ultraboost 19 sports a seamless knit upper that conforms to your foot while providing support. I found that the more I wore it, the better the fit became, like the shoe is learning your foot. The whole thing is lightweight and just made to work. This is a shoe that feels like it is an extension of you – something this wide-footed writer has never experienced. Get a pair of Ultraboost 19s for yourself with sizes to 15 starting at $90.

What’s Your Favorite adidas Shoe?

That does it for my summer of adidas. I’m excited to see what fall has to bring with this new focus on sneakers with style that actually fit. See even more of our top picks from adidas in the Chubstr Shop. Do you have a favorite Adidas shoe? Hit us up on social or leave a comment below and let us know your favorites!