BearFLAVOURED & Chubstr Cover Pitti Uomo

The Big Men of Pitti Uomo

A shot from last year’s Pitti Uomo

For the second year in a row, we’re teaming up with our friends at BearFLAVOURED to bring you the coverage that really matters from the Florence, Italy trade show Pitti Uomo: the stylish big men attending the event. You won’t find much in the way of big and tall offerings at Pitti, but you’ll certainly see men of size who know how to put themselves together there. Here are some examples from last year. How can you see this year’s stylish gents? Read on to find out.

Big Men at Pitti Uomo

Another shot from last year’s Pitti Uomo

This week, BearFLAVOURED will be taking over the Chubstr¬†Instagram account to share highlights from the event, and of course, the looks that the big men of Pitti Uomo are rocking. After the event is over, keep an eye out for a recap of the best shots from the event, and more. See photos from last year’s coverage of Pitti Uomo here.

Featured photo of BearFLAVOURED’s Aki Chkolat by Rebecca Rizzello. Other photos by BearFLAVOURED.

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