Introducing the Bear Skn Box, the 1st Plus Size Underwear Subscription Service

We already know that Bear Skn makes underwear for big and tall guys. Now they’re making it even easier for you to get into their drawers with the Bear Skn Box, their new plus size underwear subscription service. Like many boxes, this one gives you new clothes without you having to think too much about it. This is great when you’re a busy, busy person, right?

Bear Skn Kickstarter

How Does the Bear Skn Box Work?

Sign up for your 3 month subscription (If you get in on their Kickstarter campaign, you can choose from 3, 6, or 12 month options). Then, each month you’ll receive a box with a new pair of underwear in your size. You can expect a variety of sizes, colors and designs, to keep things interesting. Speaking of designs, according to Bear Skn, you’ll see new and interesting additions in the near future. Get more details on the process on the process below.

Bear skn box kickstarter details

If you’re unfamiliar with Bear Skn, the company makes underwear that moves with your body. From fabric that moves with you, to the mesh zone that helps keep your undercarriage cool, there’s a real focus on fit and features that work for plus size people. The Bear Skn Box will help ensure that customers get fun new underwear on a regular basis.

Kickstarter Bear Skn Box

Support the Bear Skn Box Kickstarter

The company recently launched a new Kickstarter campaign specifically for the Bear Skn Box. Supporting the campaign will get you access to a variety of subscription types. Been looking for a way to become a plus size male model? Pledge at the $5000 level and get ready for your close-up! Always wanted to design a pair of drawers? There’s a pledge option for that as well.

The Bear Skn Box Kickstarter gives you the opportunity to support a company making products with bigger bodies in mind. Click here to support their campaign or learn more about the company at their website.