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Assian Big & Tall Menswear Lagos, Nigeria
Photos: ÀSSIÀN

ÀSSIÀN Makes Size Inclusive Menswear in Lagos, Nigeria

It’s not uncommon to hear about big and tall brands and designers based in the U.S., Europe, and Australia, but what about the rest of the world? Meet ÀSSIÀN, a menswear brand based in Lagos, Nigeria making high quality, versatile pieces with sizes to 3XL since 2016. 

The pieces the brand offers are fashion-forward, featuring colorful patterns, modern cuts, and designs you don’t often find available in extended sizes. The Dry 17/18 and the Volume 1 18/19 collections feel like something you’d see in a fashion magazine. The best part? You can actually wear them.

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I talked to ÀSSIÀN Founder Matiu Gordon about creating the brand, plans to add more sizes and the story behind the name.

Chubstr: We don’t hear about many fashion brands in Africa catering to bigger men. What made you decide to start ÀSSIÀN?

Matiu Gordon: I started the line due to the difficulty in finding stylish clothes that considered larger body types in its design and construction. [ÀSSIÀN’s] inclusive nature was because I never liked when larger sizes were put in sort of a ‘ghetto.’ I wanted larger folks to have great clothing and others to appreciate great design.

Chubstr: What sizes does the line offer customers right now?

MG: We currently offer up to 3XL with our stockist and go larger with made to measure. We plan to expand our sizes to 6X later this year.

Chubstr: What is the fashion scene in Lagos like?

MG: The fashion scene is exploding! There is an emerging middle class [looking for options], and opportunities for designers to be part of recognized fashion and shopping festivals here.

A lot of the stores are gradually expanding their sizes past 2XL, but we also have a lot of bespoke and made to measure tailoring services available. [You’re seeing this] in a lot of developing economies like Ghana and India.

Assian Fashion Menswear Big & Tall Clothing

Chubstr: What does the name ÀSSIÀN mean?

MG: ÀSSIÀN means style in my language, which is Efiok/Ibibio in Southern Nigeria. It’s a community that has always associated [bigger] body size types with wealth, education and travel. Surely you could not have experienced life and still remain “small?”

Learn more about ÀSSIÀN and shop the latest collection at their website, Follow Matiu Gordon on Instagram: @matiugordon and ÀSSIÀN on IG here: @officialassian.