Allbirds Big & Tall Activewear

Thing of the Week: Allbirds Big & Tall Activewear

Last year, Allbirds, the eco-friendly shoe brand branched into apparel with the launch of a sustainable t-shirt. Since then, the company has expanded its apparel offerings to include more tops, bottoms, sweaters, and activewear, with sizes to 3X. We put the new Allbirds Big & Tall Natural Run Tee and Natural Run Short to the test, and here’s what we found.

Allbirds Men's Big & Tall Running Shirt

The Lightest Running Shirt You’ll Find

Allbirds said the Big & Tall Natural Run Tee was ultra-light, and they weren’t kidding. Wearing this shirt almost feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Made with sustainable fabrics like eucalyptus tree fiber and merino wool, the shirt is moisture-wicking and helps regulate your temperature.

Allbirds Running Shirt for Men

I found the shirt to fit comfortably without being too loose. It was long enough to provide stomach coverage, which is a problem those of us with bigger bellies deal with regularly. The fabric feels good against your skin, even when sweating. Anti-chafe seaming also kept things from rubbing in ways they shouldn’t.

After wearing the Big & Tall Natural Run Tee a few times during workouts, it became part of my regular rotation. You’ll find the shirt available for $58 in 4 different colors with sizes to 3X.

Allbirds Big & Tall Running Shorts

We Like Short Shorts

Most activewear shorts for big guys suffer from having inseams that are too long. With a 7″ inseam, the Big & Tall Natural Run Short doesn’t have this problem. At 5’8, the shorts fell right above my knees, which is exactly where I wanted them. Much like the shirt, these shorts are lightweight and breathable. They also sport front and back pockets, which is great for those of us who bring our phones on our jogs.

Though the shorts are made with 6% elastane and offer a bit of stretch, I felt like they could use a bit more give in the upper thigh. If you’ve got bigger thighs like me, you may find that the range of motion in the shorts isn’t quite as good as you’d need. While I could do squats in them, there was a bit of tightness in the upper thigh/crotch area I didn’t love. For folks who will just be walking and jogging, you probably won’t even notice the issue.

The Big & Tall Natural Run Short is available for $68 in 3 different colors with sizes to 3X.

Allbirds Big & Tall Activewear

Is Allbirds Big & Tall Activewear Worth a Try?

If you’re looking for eco-friendly, sustainable plus size activewear options and you fit within their XS – 3X size range, I definitely recommend giving the Allbirds Big & Tall Natural Run Tee a try. It is lightweight, fits well, and wicks moisture. When it comes to the shorts, those with bigger thighs should tread carefully. If you decide to give them a try, Allbirds’ normal 30 day return policy has been expanded. All items purchased between November 1, 2021 – December 24, 2021 are eligible for returns until January 23, 2022.

See both Allbirds big & tall activewear options for yourself at their website by clicking here.

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