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Daniel Franzese Chubstr
Photo: Rob Eves

Actor Daniel Franzese Joins The Winston Box as Creative Director

The Winston Box, the men’s big and tall clothing subscription service announced today that actor Daniel Franzese is joining the company as creative director and co-owner. You’ve seen Daniel in films like Mean Girls, and shows such as HBO’s Looking, and ABC’s Conviction. (You might also remember our photo shoot with him back in April) Now, he’s taking his passion for style and teaming up with a company that is giving big guys clothes they want to wear in the sizes they need. We talked to Daniel about why he joined the company, and what you can expect to see from The Winston Box in the future.

The Winston Box Subscription
The Winston Box Subscription

How did you connect with The Winston Box?
I was going to order a box, because I thought what they were doing was so awesome. In the middle of ordering, I decided to just email them. I told them that I didn’t know how we could collaborate, it could be something as simple as me posting it on Instagram, or perhaps there’s something bigger. Amit and Wil  [Winston Box co-owners] and I all met and we just clicked on the mission statement of making sure that people could have clothes that fit them and looked good at an affordable price point. I was really intrigued by the fact that they were making all their own clothes, because I’ve always had this dream to help design and shepard a clothing company for bigger dudes that was affordable and made sense.

Photo: Rob Eves

There’s not much of that around for bigger guys right now.
No! I remember how much I used to love Steve and Barry’s because I could go in there and buy 4 dress shirts at $10 a piece, and then dress it up with a $100 tie. There’s just no fast fashion for bigger dudes where we can wear a certain style and collect pieces. There are so many trends we just miss out on because they’re not available to us.

Can you talk about your own personal goals for The Winston Box? What do you want to bring to the company moving forward?
I think we all agree that we’d like to have some more premium clothing, in addition to our everyday kind of things. I do feel like the sky’s the limit as far as what we end up doing, as long as we’re successful and it’s working. Right now, people seem to really be loving it and enjoying it, and I look forward to helping make it grow in the direction of current trends and more ready to wear options for bigger men.

Read the full announcement at The Winston Box website: