5 Guys You Should be Following on Pinterest

Chubstr on Pinterest
It’s Chubstr on Pinterest

When you hear someone talking about Pinterest, menswear and style probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. If you think the social network is all about brownie recipes and DIY holiday gifts, you’re missing out on many of the great things the site has to offer. In our recent conversation with Tyler Jacobs, he talked about why he loves using Pinterest:

It has the reputation of being mommy-bloggy which, there is a lot of truth there… but when I checked out the boards of the two guys that created Pinterest, I really GOT it. They don’t use it for tips on cleaning with vinegar.  It’s really just a big mood board for cool stuff.

When you think about it like that, it gives you a different perspective on Pinterest as a tool for easily categorizing the things you’re into. It turns out, there are a lot of people sharing their inspiration and some really solid men’s style there. We’ve put together a quick list of 5 guys with boards on Pinterest that you should start following. These gents don’t necessarily have the largest amount of followers, but they have a well-curated selection of boards chock full of inspiring images. See for yourself below.

Tyler Jacobs Pinterest

Tyler Jacobs

Since he gave us the idea for this article, we thought we’d start off with Tyler Jacobs. One of the dudes behind Yo Gabba Gabba, Tyler is an artist, a stylish gentleman, and the owner of a majestic mane of facial hair. What’s not to like? He’s got a ton of boards to choose from, but make sure and peruse the Styler Jacobs, Manspiration, and Heroes boards for some great look ideas and hilarious photos.

Tony Sylvester on Pinterest

Tony Sylvester

The lead singer of Turbonegro knows how to blow your mind on stage, AND how to clean up nice. Maybe you’ve seen this photo of Sylvester modeling for Burberry? It’s pretty refreshing to see a guy with some size to him having a real grasp on his personal style. While he doesn’t have the largest amount of boards or pins in his account, what he has is a thoughtfully curated selection of clothing, looks, and gentlemen sporting style he appreciates. Take a look at his It’s Gotta Be The Shoes, Sartorial Satori, and Accoutrements boards for ideas to help you create or round out a look.

Paco Zane on Pinterest

Paco Zane

As Art Director at WEBMAORI in Venice, Italy, Paco Zane seems to take inspiration from a variety of sources, ranging from men’s and women’s fashion, to visual art, to all things Hamburg. Once you’re finished perusing those boards, look at his Styleboard for some fashion forward outfit inspiration. If that’s not enough, head over to Entrails of Beauty, his tumblr, for more art, style, and music.

Jan Den Hartogh on Pinterest

Jan Den Hartogh

Graphic Designer and all-around creative gent Jan Den Hartogh uses Pinterest to share his love for fashion, denim, Harley-Davidson, and tattoos. The amount of badassery found within his boards includes some genuinely beautiful photography, illustrations, and of course, style. I’ve already started working on some new looks based on the things he’s sharing on his board.

Beardbrand on Pinterest


The final guy you should be follwing on Pinterest isn’t just a guy, it’s a brand: Beardbrand. Offering “style for the urban beardsman,” Beardbrand (founded by Eric Bandholz,) sells beard oils, soaps, combs, leather goods, and other vital lifestyle products for those of us with facial hair. The Beardbrand Pinterest page offers inspiration for the home, your look, and yes, your beard. Get inspired and then do a little shopping at Beardbrand.com.

There you have it – 5 guys you should be following on Pinterest. There are so many more gentlemen using the social network to share their favorite style art, products, and more, so if you’re looking for a reason to sign up, connecting with them is a good one. Already there? Who do you follow on Pinterest? Tell us in the comments below.