ZipFit Denim Offers High Quality Jeans to Size 50

Bruce in AG Jeans from ZipFit Denim

AG Protege Jeans – $188

This post is sponsored by ZipFit Denim. All opinions are my own.

If you’ve been reading Chubstr for any extended period of time, you’re probably aware of my ongoing search for high quality denim in my size. I wear between a 42 and a 46, depending on the brand, and for the most part, I haven’t been able to find jeans in fits other than relaxed or boot cut. Sometimes, a guy just wants to wear a modern fit in his size. Luckily, ZipFit Denim is here to help big guys find jeans that fit, in the styles they want. They sent us a few pairs of the jeans they carry, so my buddy Mike and I tested them out to show you what they look like on two different body types.

Mike in ZipFit Denim

34 Heritage Courage – $190

How ZipFit Denim finds the perfect fit for you

ZipFit uses a bit of science and technology to help find you a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. Use their Fit Finder tool to match your body type and fit preference to your exact specifications. Enter your waist and inseam sizes, and give them some info on the size of your torso, butt, thighs, and calves, and you’ll be taken to a list of jeans that will fit you like a glove. You can even specify the style of denim you like by sharing how you want your jeans to fit in the crotch, thighs, and ankle.

Skinny jeans for big guys from ZipFit Denim

34 Heritage Charisma – $165

I wanted my jeans to be a bit more form-fitting than what you see from most big & tall jeans. The popular styles you see available in mainstream sizes are made this way, so I wanted some in my size. ZipFit was able to deliver. From the Charisma, by 34 Heritage, to the Fidelity Denim 50-11, there were solid options to choose from.

Jeans that stretch from ZipFit Denim

Paige Federal Jeans – $199

The most impressive part? ZipFit offers jeans to size 50.

Lounging in jeans from ZipFit Denim

7 For All Mankind – $208

Another great thing about a lot of today’s denim is that a lot of these modern cuts you’re seeing are made with a small percentage of stretch fabric, which allows for some give when you’re moving – something vital for a bigger guy. Because of this, I was able to fit into the size 42 and 44 jeans from AG, Fidelity, and 34 Heritage perfectly. You can bend, stretch and move around in these jeans without issue. Mike even told me that the pairs he wore felt like pajamas (without looking like them).

ZipFit Denim Jeans Size 38

34 Heritage Charisma – $165

Once you’ve chosen your perfect fitting denim, ZipFit further customizes them to you with free alterations before shipping them out (also at no charge). Prior to this, I had never worn a pair of 34 Heritage Charisma ($165), but now that I have, I’m a convert. If you order a pair, and you’re still unsure about them, you can return or exchange unworn items with tags still on them up to 30 days after receiving your jeans.

Bruce in jeans from ZipFit Denim

34 Heritage Courage – $190

If you’re in the market for high quality denim available in modern cuts to size 50 that are customized to you, be sure to take a look at what ZipFit Denim has to offer. Visit their site at

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