You Made It Through No Shave November: Now What?

Ron & The Genetically Awesome Beard

Ron’s genetically awesome beard

Depending on your preference, the weather, or maybe even your relationship status, Movember was either a blessing or a curse. You braved the itchy early stages. You probably have the start of a solid beard. Now the question is, will you push forward with your fuzzy face, or is it time to shave the winter coat? 

The debate is strong over whether or not facial hair is still “in”. If you ask me, facial hair will never be out. Bring on the beards, I say! Trend observers may be crying that the lumbersexual look is out, but if you’ve found a look that you’re comfortable with and people respond well to, own it. Here are a few tips to help you on your way, whether you decide to keep the beard or shave it all off.

Man of the Week: Jack Black

It’s possible to look good without a beard – just ask Jack Black

To Shave Your Beard

If you’ve got time and a bit of cash to spare, treat yo self to a trip to the barbershop. Your grandpa’s barbershop might be fun if it hasn’t been replaced by a Supercuts. But if you want something more than a $7 service that may or may not come with a beer from a minifridge, hit Yelp for a new local spot.

This is the kind of shave I prefer, but not the kind I always have time for

Few things are quite as nice as a professional shave

Luxurious gentleman-salons with an old-timey aesthetic are springing up now that beard care is so important to hip millennials. There you’ll find a menu of services available that may include ways you never dreamed you could pamper yourself, such as essential oil treatments for your face. A classic shave treatment includes a hot lather, a steamy towel over the face, a straight razor shave, and a relaxing product to finish things off.

If you’d rather DIY, heed the classic barber shave technique for proper preparation. Wash your face with warm water to open the hair follicles. Shave WITH the grain of the hair growth. Lastly, soothe your skin with and aftershave balm or lotion. Be wary of alcohol based products – they can burn like a mother. A product that moisturizes will help you avoid razorburn.

Say Hello to BeardedJames

This beard isn’t going anywhere. Photo: BeardedJames

Keeping Your Beard Post-November?

Even if you decide to keep your beard, a great barber can sculpt and shape your new whiskers and coach you on the maintenance. This will help ensure your new look doesn’t age you more than you’d like.

The worst mistake is assuming that since you’re growing out your facial hair, you no longer have to worry about upkeep. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Proud new owners of facial hair can follow the three simple steps we shared at the beginning of the month for good comfort and hygiene.

A well-trimmed beard

A well-groomed beard makes you look more put-together

Upkeep is important so that your new look stays on point. Keep the jawline defined. An unshaven neck tends to look sloppy. Trim the length of your mustache above the lip line.

Tyler Jacobs: The Beard Oil Review

Tyler tests a variety of products

Invest in some product. Beard oil will condition and keep the hair from becoming too unruly. Since facial hair is often quite coarse, a nice oil will also soften the hair to make it more touchable and kissable for your SO.

Movember is About More Than Just Hair

Don’t forget that the spirit of Movember is awareness about men’s health, which is important all year-round. Check out organizations like MovemberUSA and to stay involved.

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