whilefat.com launches
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While Fat is Creating a Platform for Plus Size Travelers

We’ve talked about it before – flying when you’re a plus size person can be fraught with frustration. Fitting into the seats, dealing with people, seatbelt extenders – the list goes on and on. Enter website While Fat, a new resource that aims to help bigger travelers make informed decisions about their trips.

While Fat website
How While Fat works

What Does While Fat Actually Do?

The idea behind While Fat is that user-generated content will help grow the resource. Plus size travelers can create accounts at whilefat.com to share their experiences with hotels, airlines and attractions around the world.

While Fat Rating System
WhileFat.com rating system

The site asks you to write about and then answer 3 specific questions about the travel-related thing you want to review. These questions help other people of size figure out if the thing you’re reviewing will accommodate them. The site is still in beta, so right now there’s just a small (but growing) number of reviews and listings available.

Who Started While Fat?

Like many ideas, While Fat grew out of someone’s frustration. According to whilefat.com:

It’s the brainchild of Amanda Wilkinson, a nomad who encountered too much misinformation during her travels while fat. This often led to her having to spend hours on review sites, emailing companies directly and getting frustrated at not only the lack of response but an understanding of what she was asking.

Amanda is taking matters into her own hands to create a resource that empowers plus size people, something we can always use more of. Sign up for an account and share your own travel experiences at WhileFat.com.