Well Hung Hangers Handle Big Men’s Clothing With Ease

Introducing Well Hung Hangers

When you’re bigger, you get used to dealing with the fact that a lot of things just aren’t made to accommodate you. Looking for clothing in your size, getting a comfortable seat on a flight, or even finding a bike to support you is a pain, but it’s something we just deal with. Every so often someone encounters these problems and comes up with a solution. Enter Well Hung Hangers. The company solves a problem we’ve grown to accept – most hangers aren’t made for extended size clothing. They leave creases in your jackets and shirts that aren’t very flattering when you put them on. Then there’s the hangers you’re given when you buy a suit. You know the kind, they don’t actually hold the suit, they’re just included because the shop knows you expect some kind of hanger.

Well Hung Hangers

Owner Robin Pulewitz ran into this sort of problem when buying clothes for her boyfriend, a sports writer for the NY Daily News. As she redid his wardrobe, she wanted to hang things up, but they came with plastic hangers that gave his clothing shoulder bumps. She tried to find higher quality hangers that were made for bigger clothing, but she came up empty handed. In a conversation with her boyfriend later that evening, he challenged her to come up with a solution. With her experience in the apparel industry, Robin knew she could create something better than was currently on the market, and she got to work creating the perfect hanger for big and tall clothes.

View from the top of a well hung hanger

What she came up with is a laquered wooden hanger in 17″ and 22″ sizes. Two types of Well Hung Hangers come equipped with flock bars that can hold an entire suit, keeping its shape without dropping or creasing the pants. All of them have rubber inlaid shoulder guards to help keep things secure no matter what you’re hanging them next to. The walnut laquer and brass hardware give the hangers a luxury look and feel, worthy of the suit you spent all that cash on.

It’s important to note that while the hangers are made from imported wood, they are assembled in the United States – something that was very important to Pulewitz when creating the product.

Putting Well Hung Hangers to the Test

We put Well Hung Hangers to the test and found that they held suits, jackets, and dress shirts with ease. There weren’t problems with creases or bumps, and the clothing looked as good as the day it was put on the hanger. Well Hung Hangers range from $12 for the 17″ Jacket and Shirt Hanger, to $20 for the 22″ Executive Suit Hanger. If you need more than one, you have the option of purchasing them in sets of 3 or 6. Learn more about Well Hung Hangers at WellHungHangers.com.