Warby Parker Makes Glasses For Big Heads

Warby Parker Glasses for Big Heads
Warby Parker Glasses for Big Heads

The day had come. It was time to go to see an eye doctor, get a new prescription, and then head into San Francisco to get fitted for some new Warby Parker frames. The question: do they actually make glasses for big heads?

Unlike shopping for glasses anywhere else, there is no big-head anxiety when shopping at Warby Parker. A quick look at the site confirms that there’s at least 16 frames just waiting to get wrapped around my giant noggin. To help widen the selection, on the day I visited the Warby Parker store on Hayes Street, they were doing a sunglass swap-out thing, which meant I had at least 29 frames in my size from which to choose. Nice!

Warby Parker Cass Glasses for Big Heads
The Warby Parker Cass is one of their wider frames

From the time I walked into the store, I was treated like royalty. The greeter was lovely, quickly figured out what I needed, and got me hooked up with the right assistant for an easy and downright pleasant fitting. After trying on all of the regular (non-sun) frames and making my decision, my assistant summoned one of the in-house opticians to get me dialed-in for some progressive lenses.

Warby Parker Holt Glasses for Big Heads
The Warby Parker Holt

After a few seconds of looking into the weird binocular thing that measures interpupillary distance, it was time to finalize my deal. By the time I was done with the optician, my assistant was at the ready with her little iPad point of sale device. After going over all the details of the transaction, it was finalized with a quick swipe of my credit card. I didn’t even have to get up. It is so nice to live in the future.

Warby Parker Chamberlain Glasses for Big Heads
The Warby Parker Chamberlain

For $295, I got stellar service, the freedom to try on every frame I was interested in, and a fresh new pair of progressive prescription glasses. In all the years I’ve been wearing progressives, this is by far the least amount of money I’ve ever spent on a pair. In fact, the last three pair I purchased cost twice that amount, so the trip into the city feels like it was totally worth it. Not near a store? Find out how you can try 5 pairs of Warby Parker glasses for 5 days, free.

Best of all, it is nice to know that for every pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker tallies up the number and makes a monthly donation to their nonprofit partners to cover the cost of sourcing that many glasses for people who need, but do not have access to prescription glasses.

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Photos: Kenneth Fish