Warby Parker Extended Size Glasses

Warby Parker Adds More Wide Eyeglasses to Their Collection

Eyeglass retailer Warby Parker has expanded the size range of their top selling frames. While the brand has always offered wide and extra wide eyeglasses, the collection didn’t work for everyone. After getting feedback from customers, the company updated the fit and feel of their glasses.

What Did They Learn From Customers?

After two years of research, the company learned how varied customers’ face widths are—and that offering their most popular styles in a medium width doesn’t work for a large percentage of people. Out of all this research came a new focus on extended size frames and fit, which you’ll see in their best-sellers, available in sizes from extra narrow to extra wide.

warby parker wide glasses
Wearing Warby Parker’s Lowry wide glasses

Our Favorite Warby Parker Wide Glasses for Fall ’19

As of this writing, there are almost 30 types of wide eyeglasses to choose from at Warby Parker, and that’s not including color variations. Can’t decide which to go with? Get your hands on 5 frames for free with their Home Try-On program. Here are a few of our favorites as of fall 2019.

Durand (Wide & Extra Wide) From $95

If you don’t love with a square frame and can’t get behind a perfectly round one, the Durand is a good compromise. It’s a great-looking frame available in 9 colors including blue, rose, tortoise, crystal, and a dark brown called sugar maple fade. See every style of Durand in wide & extra wide here.

Lowry (Wide) From $95

The Lowry has long been a favorite of mine. In fact, I’m ordering the tortoise matte eclipse color later this week. This is a bold frame that’s made to stand out. If you want your eyeglasses to stand out, these oversized frames are right up your alley. Get Warby Parker’s Lowry glasses in your size here.

Hawkins (Wide) From $95

Thick plastic frames are all the rage, but don’t forget about metal. This lightweight steel frame is perfect for the minimalist. Available in polished gold and antique silver. Get the Hawkins in your favorite color here.

Warby Parker Darrow Wide Glasses
Darrow Eyeglasses

Darrow (Wide) From $95

The Darrow is a unique-looking frame that you can wear every day with just about anything. That’s not always the case with nontraditional glasses. If your look is all about the details, the Darrow is the frame for you. Get the Darrow in wide sizes right here.

Percey (Wide) From $95

If you prefer a more rounded frame, the Percey gives you that in 8 different colors. I’m a fan of the crystal blue, but you can never go wrong with the jet black matte if you want something simple. See every color of the Percey wide frame here.

Crane (Wide) From $95

If you prefer more of a square or rectangular frame, Warby Parker’s Crane is a good choice. With 5 color options, this frame offers option for everyone. Check out the Crane right here.

Ames (Wide) From $95

You can’t go wrong with a good pair of horn-rimmed glasses, and Warby Parker’s Ames is exactly that. This frame is available in both tortoise and matte black.

Find Your Favorites With the Free Home Try-On

You’ve seen our favorites, but there are a lot more options at the Warby Parker website. Figure out which frames are perfect for you with their Home Try-On. Pick 5 frames you like and Warby Parker will mail them to you to test out – for free. Try them out for 5 days and pick your favorites. See every wide and extra wide frame that Warby Parker offers by clicking here.