Uniqlo Goes Big and Tall With Sizes to 3XL

Have you tried Uniqlo big and tall?

In February, Uniqlo, the Japanese casual wear designer, began offering select tops, outerwear, jeans, loungewear, and more in sizes to 3XL and 48 waist via their website, Uniqlo.com. Unlike many other companies, which offer a limited selection of clothing in extended sizes, you’ll find more than 300 items available for purchase on the larger end of the spectrum.

Uniqlo storefront
Photo: Uniqlo Facebook Page

According to Racked, the shift to offering extended sizes online is part of a specific strategy to expand their reach within the U.S. by offering sizes that many of the company’s customers aren’t always able to find. While you probably won’t find these extended sizes in an actual store, it’s nice to have the option to get the same great looking clothing in extended sizes via their website. Will Uniqlo offer big and tall clothing to cater to those above 3XL? Only time will tell.

Uniqlo shirt selection
Photo: Uniqlo Facebook Page

How Does Uniqlo Big and Tall Clothing Fit?

The million dollar question – how does it fit? I’ve only tried out their tanks (the $5.90 Uniqlo Packaged Dry Color Rib Tank Top, to be exact,) and socks, but I can say that as an undershirt, or for use when you’re kicking back, the tank feels great. The fabric feels more substantial than most tanks, but without being to bulky. I generally wear a 3X, and this tank was only available in a 2X, but it feels great and looks good on me.

Since I don’t actually own any of the other Uniqlo big and tall offerings, I decided to ask someone who does: Chubstr’s own Matthew Simko. Says Matthew:

I picked up a great navy fine gauge knit cardigan for around $15. It’s a pretty standard fit. I was pretty impressed until I found a huge hole in it, not long after I bought it. People compare Uniqlo to H&M, but nothing in there fits me, so I wouldn’t know (laughs).

Uniqlo big and tall
Photo: Uniqlo Facebook Page

Our Verdict: For affordable, yet stylish clothing in extended sizes, it’s worth taking a closer look. If you want some new looks that don’t break the bank, you might just find what you’re looking for here.

Now it’s your turn – what do you think about Uniqlo big and tall clothing? Does it fit? Do you like the styles? Would you recommend it to other big gents? Share your thoughts in the comments below.