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Travel Tips for Big Men: The Perfect Outfit

Matthew's Travel Outfit

There was a time when traveling was a big deal. Before a flight or train ride, passengers would don their Sunday best and take pristine care with how they looked. Nowadays, we mostly see passengers in sweatpants, hoodies, and tattered backpacks. You’re probably saying, “Matt, I like to be comfortable when I travel! Who cares if it looks good or not?” …I hear you. But it’s possible for big men to look great AND be comfortable when traveling regardless of your mode of transportation.

Layering for Versatility

Often times a trip begins in a cool weather climate, and ends somewhere warm. This is when layering comes in handy. While a traditional blazer looks great as a top layer, it’s not very comfortable. Vice versa, a hoodie is really comfortable, but doesn’t look very neat. Why not have the best of both worlds and pick up a knit blazer. With blazer like construction and styling, it looks neat and clean, but with it’s sweatshirt like material, it’s super comfortable. Another added benefit is it’s less likely to wrinkle than a regular blazer and easier to pack.

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Dark Shirts Are Your Friend

Sometimes getting to your final destination can take all day. When you’re eating 3 meals (plus snacks) on the go, you’re likely to drop some (or all if you’re me) on your shirt. A dark colored shirt, like a T or button down, will minimize any stains or spills. But if a white t-shirt is more your speed, a company called Threadsmiths out of Australia is making hyrdophic t-shirts. Liquid, like water or coffee, rolls right off and won’t stain. A lifesaver in certain situations. While the shirts aren’t made in our size just yet, Threadsmiths promises they’re on the way.

Old Navy Slim Fit Jeans

The Darker the Denim, the Better

When traveling, the darker the pants the better. They’ll hide wrinkles better than lighter pants like khakis, and again, won’t show stains. Dark denim (like your favorite jeans) will stand up to the travel stresses of the day. Plus, they’re really comfortable.

Try: Polo Ralph Lauren Hampton Straight Fit at Macys.

Sperry Boat Shoe

Keep Your Footwear Simple

Believe it or not, there’s a company out there making socks that reduce or almost eliminate foot odor. Ministry of Supply, tech-fashion innovators, weave coffee ground extracts into their socks. It acts as a filter of sorts to keep stinky feet at bay. Try them on an 18 hour day and see for yourself.
As for shoes, a style you can slip on and off easily is the way to go. Driving moccasins, loafers, or boat shoes work perfectly.

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Hershel Supply Duffle

Shed (Most of) Your Baggage

Ahhh to check or not to check the bags. That is the question. Regardless, pack a zippered tote bag with a change of clothes and your dopp kit. This way if your bags get lost, or make it to your final destination after you do, you’ll have your necessities and a change of clothes handy.

Try: Herschel Lonsdale Duffle with Signature Shoe Compartment

What do you wear when traveling? Does style or comfort matter most? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.