TOWEL plus size bath towels review

Hands-On With TOWEL Plus Size Bath Towels

Last year, we told you about TOWEL, the startup making plush, sustainable bath towels in sizes 3X, 5X, and 7X. We had the opportunity to try out the 5X and 7X versions of these inclusive towels. Are they worth it for plus-size people? Read on to learn more and get an exclusive discount below.

You deserve a plus-size bath towel that fits

Most bath towels are made to wrap around someone with a size 26 to 28 waist. If you’re reading this, chances are, that’s not you. Everyone deserves products that work for them, and that includes towels. That’s why TOWEL offers their towels in three sizes. Even the 3X, the company’s smallest option, is bigger than the average bath sheet.

One size does NOT fit all

With three sizes available, there’s a TOWEL for everyone. Add some color to your life with mineral green, or opt for the tried-and-true bright white, then pick your perfect size:

Ava: 40” x 80” – fits up to 3XL

Joni: 42” x 90” – fits up to 5XL

Gemma: 45” x 95” – fits up to 7XL

TOWEL plus-size bath towels are made to wrap comfortably around your body. With a length of 7.5 feet, the Joni almost wrapped around me twice. At nearly 8 feet long, Gemma wrapped around me just about three times. That’s a lot of fabric to spare!

Feel and absorption

The first thing you’ll notice when your TOWEL arrives is how soft and plush it is. It feels fuller than your average bath towel. After a dip in the hot tub, I tested the Gemma and found it to be super absorbent. Based on the towel’s thickness, it will stay that way even after many washes.

Buy a TOWEL and support a small business

TOWEL founder Mary Carney started the business after a lifetime of making do with towels that were too small to wrap around her body. According to the website, one day, she got out of the shower and thought enough is enough. Thus, TOWEL was born. Like many small businesses, Carney is the owner and sole employee, growing her business one towel at a time.

Get an exclusive discount on TOWEL plus size bath towels

TOWEL makes plush, absorbent bath towels for plus-size people in sizes 3X, 5X, and 7X. Get 15% off your 1st purchase with code: CHUBSTR at checkout by clicking here.

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