Topology Eyewear Makes Custom Glasses that Fit Every Head

We often talk about the fact that clothes aren’t made for bigger people, but what about everything else? If you have a “non-traditional” body, it can be difficult find shoes, hats and other accessories that fit. Eyewear is no exception. We’ve written extensively about glasses for big heads, and while they solve the problem for a lot of people, there are other issues that can crop up, such as sliding or pinching. That’s where Topology Eyewear and their custom made glasses come in.

Topology Eyewear is custom made to fit your head

How Topology Works

Topology offers eyeglasses and sunglasses that are made from scratch to your exact dimensions. Simply download their iOS app (android coming soon, according to their FAQ) and use it to scan your face, capturing over 2000 3D measurements. This ensures that the depth, width and precise location is custom fit for your head. The scanning process is simple: when the app tells you to turn your head to the left or right, do that. The directions are straightforward and easy to follow.

Topology Eyewear App
Use the app to get your fit

The Perfect Glasses, Designed By You

The Topology Eyewear experience gets even better after the scan. YOU get to design the glasses you want to buy. Select acetate or metal frames, choose your color(s), then fine-tune the shape. There’s a virtual try-on feature built into the app so you can see exactly how the frames you created will look on your head.

There are more than 10 frames to choose from and thousands of combinations that allow you to create glasses that are unique to you.

Topology Eyewear Valencia Glasses
The Valencia Frame from Topology Eyewear

So, How Does Topology Eyewear Fit?

As you can see, I created a pair of Topology Eyeglasses for myself. The frame I’m wearing in these photos is called the Valencia, and though the frames look like a two-tone brown, the top tone is actually blue. I’m impressed with the width and fit of my glasses, as they don’t pinch or slide, a problem I frequently run into. The quality construction is evident – you can just feel it when you take them out of the case.

Don’t worry, Topology offers a complete, unconditional no questions asked 100% refund policy.

Glasses that are long AND wide enough to fit

Get a Pair of Topology Glasses in Your Size & Style

Topology glasses start at $349 for frames plus lenses and if you have insurance, they’ll give you 20% off. My glasses cost about $500 total. Don’t worry, Topology offers a complete, unconditional no questions asked 100% refund policy. You can also try before you buy your glasses with a $10 deposit.

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Give Topology Eyewear a try for yourself by downloading their iOS app (they tell us an Android app is coming soon). Sign up for an account, scan your face and do the virtual try-on. Like what you see? Place your order and you’re good to go. Learn more about Topology and get their app by clicking here.