Titan Mattress big guy heavy sleeper review

6 Weeks on a Titan Mattress: A Big Guy’s Review

Have you heard about Titan Mattress? It’s Brooklyn Bedding’s mattress brand for plus-size sleepers. Titan only makes mattresses for bigger folks, which is pretty unique. Many of our readers have asked about their beds, so we put the Titan Plus Luxe Adjustable Mattress to the test for a month and a half.

Construction and support

Chances are, you’ve owned a mattress that doesn’t support you. You know – the kind that sags and develops a crater in the spot where you lay every night. Life is too short to sleep on a crappy mattress. Titan knows this and created their mattresses with highly durable foam and heavy-duty coils for extra support.

The foam layers are the first line of support. All Titan mattresses feature a quilted gel memory foam for cooling. The brand’s proprietary TitanFlex foam shapes to your body while providing extra comfort. An additional foam layer supports the metal coils and helps ensure durability.

Titan Luxe Mattress with Glaciotex Cooling Cover Review

Titan doesn’t skimp on the springs, either. Their reinforced steel coil system called TitanCore was designed to support bigger bodies. The system also offers solid motion isolation, meaning that if you share your bed with a partner, they won’t feel you tossing and turning (and vice versa).

My Experience: We tested the Titan Plus Luxe split king mattress on an adjustable base. The mattress feels solid and had no problem supporting me for the six-plus weeks I’ve been sleeping on it. I found the bed to be firm and supportive without being uncomfortable. If you need more edge support, opt for the firmer Titan Plus, as the Luxe version is softer and more plush around the edges.

Titan Mattress Big Guy Heavy Sleeper Review

Staying cool on a Titan Mattress

I’m a hot sleeper. I’ve straight-up destroyed multiple mattresses due to my sweatiness. Staying cool at night is an ongoing struggle, and I know I’m not the only big guy who deals with this. Titan Mattress knows this too, which is why you can have a Glaciotex Cooling Cover sewn into your mattress surface.

My Experience: I went with the Glaciotex option and was surprised to find the fabric cool to the touch, even with a sheet on the mattress. My wife and I both noticed the difference. I stayed cool overnight and didn’t wake up sweaty.

An adjustable base is a game changer

I wear a CPAP mask at night, so I don’t move around much when I sleep. For this reason alone, I wanted to try out an adjustable base. These bases can help you get into different positions while keeping your CPAP gear in place, resulting in a better night’s sleep. If you spend a lot of time in bed, adjustable bases can make it easier to read, watch TV, or do whatever you need to do in more of an upright position.

My Experience: The first few nights, I slept in the zero-gravity position, which raised my head and knees slightly above my heart. It’s the identical stress-free position astronauts get into when they’re rocketing toward space. I found that my legs were more comfortable in this position, and I spent most nights that way.

The great thing about an adjustable base is that you can try different positions to find the one that works for you. Titan offers two adjustable bases, one standard and one with built-in tech and luxury features. We needed two adjustable bases since we used a Titan split king mattress. Each base can support up to 850 pounds.

Is an adjustable mattress good for sleep apnea and CPAP users?

Adjustable mattresses and sleep apnea

I’ve used a CPAP for about a decade, and although it took time to get used to it, I can’t imagine sleeping without one. If you suffer from sleep apnea, adjustable mattresses can elevate you, reducing throat restrictions and allowing air to flow more freely. NOTE – an adjustable bed is not a replacement for a CPAP machine. If you are a heavy snorer and have issues with breathing when sleeping, do yourself a favor and talk to your doctor about getting a CPAP.

Titan Mattress big guy’s review: Our Verdict

After six weeks on the Titan Plus Luxe adjustable mattress, I feel well-supported; I discovered a new sleeping position that I love, and I’m staying cool all night. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, look at Titan Mattress.

The Titan Plus starts at $524 for a twin and $1124 for a California King and the Titan Plus Luxe starts at $674 for a twin and $1349 for a California King. Find the best Titan Mattress for you by clicking here.

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