Thompson Tee Big & Tall Sweat Proof T-Shirt

Would You Wear This Pit Sweat Absorbing Big & Tall Undershirt?

Summer is great and all, but high temperatures mean more sweat. Big guys need to have strategies to deal with all that extra perspiration. The folks who created the Thompson Tee big & tall sweat absorbing undershirt feel your sweaty pain and have created a t-shirt that claims to handle any underarm sweat you can conjure up. We put their tees, available in sizes to 3X, to the test. How? By getting one extra sweaty.

The Thompson Tee underarm panel

The Ultimate Undershirt

The Thompson Tee is made to be worn as an undershirt. It feels like a traditional undershirt, close-fitting, tagless, and a bit snugger than your everyday tee. This is true until you get to the underarms, which are a separate, stitched-in padded piece that holds the sweat panels. The sweat panels themselves are made to be long-lasting. They won’t wash out or lose effectiveness over time. The company says that as long as you own the shirt, the panels will work.

I found the shirt to be easy to tuck in, though without as much additional fabric to tuck as some other big & tall undershirts might offer. That said, I didn’t experience any problems with the shirt coming untucked.

Thompson Tee Big & Tall T-Shirt Stops Underarm Sweat Stains
My pits? Dry as can be. The rest of me? Sweaty

The Lawnmower Challenge

When writing about a sweat proof t-shirt, living through the hottest week in my city’s history comes in handy. When the temperatures dropped from 115 to a balmy 93, I decided to put a Thompson Tee big & tall t-shirt to the test by mowing the lawn. As the sun beat down, I did what I do best, which is to sweat profusely. As you can see from the photos, my neck, chest, and back were soaked. My armpits, however, were dry as can be.

Now, I recognize that this is an extreme way to test the effectiveness of sweat proof underarm pads in a t-shirt. If you’re wearing a Thompson Tee under another shirt, it will do its job, which is to absorb sweat and keep you looking relatively cool. If you’re curious how the sweat panels feel under your arms, I can say that I noticed them when I first tried on one of the shirts, but that when I was moving around and mowing the lawn, I didn’t notice them at all.

Thompson Tee Big Tall Sweat Proof

Try the Thompson Tee Big & Tall Undershirt for Yourself

Convinced? You can pick up a Thompson Tee sweat proof undershirt in 4 different styles and 7 different colors for $32.99 each or get a pack of 4 for $125.36, with sizes available to 3X (54-56 chest).

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