Thing of the Week: The Body Love Box

Thing of the Week features clothes, products, media and anything else we think you might like. This week, we’re taking a look at The Body Love Box, a monthly subscription box offering a variety of non-clothing, body positive goodies.

What is The Body Love Box

The Body Love Box is a “friendly, fat-positive, body-positive, intersectional and LGBTQIAP+-affirming monthly subscription box.” Instead of clothes, the box offers a collection of artwork, swag and resources focused on positive body image and general radness. A few of the things you’ll find in a monthly box include:

» Artwork by fat and marginalized artists

» Body liberation books and zines

» Self-care items

» Info on resources in your area

» Coloring pages

» Body positive stickers, pins, buttons, collectibles and trinkets

The Body Love Box

Here’s Why We Need The Body Love Box

Over the years, we’ve begun to see body positive clothing brands crop up (and larger companies start to come around), but we haven’t seen much out there putting a focus on the writers, artists, advocates, and activists pushing for positive body image and fat acceptance. The Body Love Box is introducing you to these people every month through stickers, pins, zines, resources, coupons and more.

Lindley from The Body Love Box

Lindley, creator of The Body Love Box

Who is Behind the Body Love Box?

Lindley, the Seattle based photographer behind Sweet Amaranth, decided to start The Body Love Box late last year. After creating tons of body positive swag bags for photography clients for a number of years and receiving positive reactions from them, Lindley felt like it made sense to try to bring that same joy to the world at large.

Body Positive Subscription Box

A few of the items you might find in a box

Will the Box Feature Products for Men?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that the box will cater to a variety of people, femme, non-binary, superfat and more. According to Lindley, you can expect to find zines that cover a variety of subjects (and cater to a variety of interests), as well as work from marginalized artists – so, a little bit of everything, to keep things interesting.

The Body Love Box Cost, Shipping Details, and More

A monthly subscription to The Body Love Box starts at $38/month and comes chock full of body positive goodness. Get more details and pick up a box of your own by clicking here.

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