Skip the New Years Resolutions

The No B.S. Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

Ugh. A new year is upon us, meaning everybody and their brother are making some sort of resolution. To be better with money, to exercise more, to lose weight – you know the drill. Aside from the fact that 80% of resolutions fail by February, creating drastic, life-changing goals isn’t something most people can do. Instead of trying to change your life completely, do things in increments that can make a difference.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to make any resolutions at all. But if you’re thinking about it, here are a few ideas:

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Say Yes More Often

My natural inclination is to stay home, watching TV, away from everyone. I’m not the only one who feels this way. A few years ago, I decided to say yes to any opportunities that came my way. It resulted in more options for me in my personal and professional life. While I don’t recommend going all-in like that, you can say yes to things you might typically skip. It could be as simple as saying yes to an event you usually wouldn’t attend.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be positive. In my experience, I found this was the case more often than not.

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Focus on Self Care

Getting caught up in the monotony of work and daily life is so easy that you forget to take time for yourself. This year, focus on self-care. From getting a massage or a pedicure to seeing a movie or trying a new restaurant, self-care encompasses things large and small. The bottom line: take time to enjoy yourself by doing things that make you happy.

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Cultivate Your Friendships

There’s a loneliness epidemic in the United States right now. It’s so severe that the Surgeon General released a report about it last year. According to that report, loneliness can be as deadly as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. It’s not always easy to make friends. Many people work from home or change jobs more frequently, making it more difficult to build lasting relationships. On top of that, technology encourages us to connect online instead of in person.

All those things and more mean that you have to put real effort into spending time with friends or making new ones. How do you make friends, you ask? Start doing things you enjoy outside of the house. Love music? Go to more concerts. Join a gaming group, attend a drink and draw, and try a friendship app like Yubo or Bumble For Friends. Do things that bring you joy, and you’ll find like-minded people to connect with.

This is a big focus for me this year, and you’ll see more content on Chubstr focused on making friends and new connections in 2024.

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Say No More Often

I know, I know – I just explained how saying yes to everything made a big difference for me. Well, the following year, I realized that saying no to things is just as important. Overextending yourself means you’re less apt to do any one thing well, which can wear on you. Pick and choose how you spend your time and do what matters to you. You’ll find that you’re more thoughtful and, most likely, more fulfilled.

Cut Your Screen Time

Over the last few years, this one has become critical. With more studies about the ramifications of social media on your mental well-being, we know that limiting screen time can make a big difference in your life. You don’t need to keep up with everyone you see on Instagram! You’re doing great as you are. A good portion of what you see online doesn’t represent people’s real lives (and can make you feel like less when you aren’t).

It’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing on social media and let that affect you. Pulling back a bit and scrolling less can be positive.

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Enjoy the Real World

Along the lines of the last suggestion, unplugging and focusing on the real world can be good. I’m not saying forsake the people, communities, and connections you’ve made online, but look at ways to extend those things offline. Meeting up with people, traveling, going to events, and getting out in the world can make a difference in your mental health and how you feel.

After having to stay away from people through a worldwide pandemic, I’m feeling a real need to get out there and reconnect. I have a feeling you probably are, too.

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Are You Making Any Resolutions?

Do you plan to make any resolutions for the new year? Tell us about yours, why you do or don’t make resolutions, and more in the comments below. Happy New Year!

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