The Business Casual Survival Guide Helps You Look Good At Work

The Business Casual Survival Guide

Of all the styles of dressing (casual, formal, business casual, black tie, resort casual, etc…), business casual can be the most daunting for men. The Business Casual Survival Guide: 30 Looks for Men by internationally renowned men’s fashion stylist Emmi Sorokin is basically the business casual bible.

The Business Casual Survival Guide, by Emmi Sorokin

The book shows readers how to get the perfect look using her “Style 4MULA: Fit, Feel, Layers and Accessories”. The idea is that with the right combination, every look is a winner. Be sure and pay attention to the “Fit” part of the 4MULA. Sorokin also holds the same belief that we do: wear your true size, and you’ll be well on your way to looking great every time.


As you make your way through the book, each of the 30 looks (ranging from Executive, Classic, Creative and Tech Casual) are featured. All of the looks are customizable, and Sorokin gives recommendations on where and when to wear each.

Beyond the complete outfit, each of the 30 looks comes with tips on how to dress them up, dress them down, and edge them up. So, if you like look #21, “Fall in New England Done Right”, but you’re not the kind of guy who would wear a puffy vest; no worries! Choose the “dress it up” option and swap the vest for a blazer. The book rounds out with a fantastic section on what to wear to an interview other than a suit. Sorokin understands that sometimes, a suit just isn’t the right article of clothing, especially when working in a creative or tech field.


Something else that sticks out about the 30 looks in the Business Casual Survival Guide? They all work. None of them are overly trendy or taste specific, so they’ll stand the test of time. Plus, each look works for men of all sizes. Remember, it’s all about the fit and the feel.

Emmi Sorokin Bio

Author Emmi Sorokin

Pick up your copy of Emmi Sorokin’s Business Casual Survival Guide: 30 Looks for Men on Amazon, and learn more about Emmi Sorokin at or on Twitter at @AskEmmi.

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