The Big Man’s Guide to Rockabilly Style

Get the Big & Tall Rockabilly Look

The Big Man’s Guide to Rockabilly Style is the first in a series of resources we’re building to help you create looks in very specific styles. It’s not always easy to find clothing that fits you and looks the way you want it to, so we’re doing the hard work and bringing you options that work. If you’re having problems finding clothing in your size, or creating a specific look, send us a message and we’ll help you put it together.

Classic cars, cuffed blue jeans, cigarette behind the ear, and a majestic pompadour – those are a few of the things that make us think rockabilly. If you’re a fan of the look, you might have found it difficult to recreate in the size you wear. Here are three places you should look when creating your rockabilly/punky style:


Sivletto Rockabilly Stuff Sivletto is a Stockholm, Sweden based store that specializes in 40s and 50s culture, design and style. You’ll find a huge selection of all things rockabilly, such as  denim, hats, shoes, books, magazines, pomades, furniture and more. Don’t miss their music collection – full of vinyl, CDs and accessories for the rockabilly enthusiast.

If you can’t make it to Stockholm, don’t fret – you can get most of their in-store inventory at the Sivletto website. There’s a TON of clothing available, so be prepared to do some searching to find exactly what you’re looking for. Sizes regularly run to XXL in tops and around 40 in waist for denim, but I did find some jeans that went to 48, so if you’re willing to search, you can find some gems here. Even if you’re not seeing clothing in your size, be sure to give Sivletto a look for their hair and skincare products, as well as their lifestyle items. Things like Cock Grease can come in handy when you’re creating your rockabilly look (it’s a pomade, you dirty bird!). Follow Sivletto on Facebook.

Grease Gas & GloryGrease Gas & Glory is an online store “dedicated to a lifestyle of Rock and Roll, tattoos, and rebellion.” Here you’ll also find a wide variety of shirts, shoes, denim, sweaters, jackets and so on, but with more extended sizes than you might find elsewhere. You’ll see sizes in shirts to 6XL, jackets to 4XL, and some great accessories to help you complete the look. Waist sizes end at 40, so if you’re looking for something larger in pants or shorts, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Grease, Gas & Glory is owned by the same company that owns Lucky-13, Felon Clothing, and Dirty Devil, so you’ll find those brands-a-plenty throughout the site. In addition to regular close out sales, on the 13th of every month, GGG holds a Thirteenth Sale – a 1 day only sale that offers products at rock bottom prices.

Follow Grease Gas & Glory on Facebook.

Daddy-O's Gifts and CollectablesIf the look you want to put together is less leather than lounge, Daddy-O’s Gifts and Collectables is the place for you. Specializing in bowling shirts, rockabilly, swing, lounge clothing and 50’s gear, they’re a bit different from the last two stores we’ve looked at. Daddy-O’s has the market cornered when it comes to lounge and bowling shirts – with 8 pages to scour, you’ll be able to find something that gets the job done. Be sure to take a look at their western shirts, such as Booze & Bones – they’re classics.  Sizes run to 3XL in select tops and all of their jackets. Whether you’re trying to pull off a classic look, or complete your Charlie Sheen costume for Halloween, give Daddy-O’s a look.

A Greaser and His Girl

There you have it for the clothing side of things. What else do you need? For tips on the perfect pomade (and the perfect pompadour), take a look at The Rebel Rouser. For other rockabilly related goodies, check out our friends at Rockabilly Rub. Their shave soap and mustache wax are both phenomenal.

Do you sport a rockabilly look? Where do you shop? Let us know in the comments!

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