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The Art of Shaving Barber Tips

The Art of Shaving Master Barber Tips Teach You to Shave The Right Way

Barber Tips

Those of you without big bushy beards know that shaving can be a pain. It turns out, you could be that you’re doing it wrong, and you just don’t know it. The good folks at The Art of Shaving felt your pain and decided to round up some of the best barbers in the land to teach you how to shave with Master Barber Tips. You’ll find tips on everything from preparing your skin for a shave, to proper shaving technique, to how best to care for all those accessories you use when cleaning up your face.

Next to each tip is a bio for the Master Barber who provided it. A quick glance at the each bio shows you that these guys mean serious business and have been plying their trade for long enough to know what they’re talking about. If you like the tip but need the tools to make it part of your shaving regimen, they also provide links to everything you’ll need to shave just right. As of now there are 8 tips, but if you join The Brotherhood of Shaving – their rewards club (it’s free to join) – you’ll get emails when something new is added.

The Art of Shaving does a great job not only of giving you the tools you need to get the perfect shave, but of giving you content to help teach what you should and shouldn’t do when shaving. If you’re looking to step up from plastic razors and 88 cent cans of shaving cream, consider buying the two items below:

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