Target Vineyard Vines Big & Tall
Photo: Target

Target’s Vineyard Vines Collab Launches, But Where’s the Big & Tall?

Target really has the highly anticipated, super-affordable brand collaboration down to a science. They’ve done great launches with Hunter Boots, Taylor Stitch, and Lily Pulitzer, to name a few. Last week, the company launched a new collab with Vineyard Vines, and boy, did it sell out fast. The problem, as with other past collaborations is that there’s not much available in extended sizes.

What Sizes are Available?

At the time of this writing, I could find tops to 2XL, a few shorts and swim trunks to XXL (most waist sizes went to 38). If you take a look at the fit guide for any of the products, you’ll see that it shows sizes to XXXL for tops, but I couldn’t find any of that, even displaying as sold out. It’s not even possible to search the Vineyard Vines collection for size XXXL. Bottom line, if you don’t fit into their 2X/XXL, it‘s not going to work for you. Sizing quandaries aside, most, if not all the products are showing as sold out right now.

So, Where Can I Find Vineyard Vines Big & Tall Clothing?

You still want some of the preppy goodness that Vineyard Vines offers in your size, right? Well, you won’t find the exact prints available in the Target collab, but there are a few retailers you can shop to get their products in extended sizes.

vineyard vines big and tall
Vineyard Vines Big & Tall at DXL

Vineyard Vines Big & Tall at DXL

You might not be aware of all the brands that DXL carries in addition to their own in-house lines. Their Vineyard Vines line consists of over 40 items including shorts, shirts, swim, pants, outerwear and activewear with sizes to 5X and 54 waist. Again, the prints differ from the Target collection, but there are some good options here.

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Vineyard Vines at Nordstrom

Vineyard Vines Big & Tall at Nordstrom

Nordstrom also carries a selection of Vineyard Vines men’s clothing in extended sizes. You’ll find 20+ items with sizes to 4XB & 54 waist available on their website. Choose from tees, polos, button downs, pants, swim and shorts in a variety of colors and prints.

vineyard vines big and tall
Vineyard Vines Big & Tall

Vineyard Vines Big & Tall Directly From the Source

Vineyard Vines launched a big & tall section on their website last year, so now you can go directly to the source to find what you need. Shop a variety of clothing, extra long ties and belts with sizes to 5X and 54 waist (belts even go to 56).

Now you have a few options to get your Vineyard Vines big & tall fix if you weren’t able to grab anything from their recent Target collaboration. If you’d like to see Target carry more sizes in these collaborations, reach out to them and let them know. The company is doing a great job offering big and tall in their Goodfellow & Co and Original Use lines – it would be great to see this focus on diversity of sizing options carried over to their brand collaborations.