Taming the Beast with the Gorilla Killa First Date Kit

This post is sponsored by Gorilla Killa. All opinions, however, are my own. 

As a big, hairy guy, I know that grooming and upkeep is vital. If I slack off for a few days, hair starts to grow in places I don’t want it to, and I end up a bit too beastly for my tastes. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with ear, brow, nose hair, and nails. I’ve used those basic grooming kits you can pick up for a couple dollars at the corner pharmacy, but sometimes they’re a pain (and painful) to use. I was introduced to a company specializing in tools that take care of all that gnarly stuff: Gorilla Killa.

Gorilla Killa First Date Kit

The Gorilla Killa First Date Kit

Gorilla Killa makes tools that deal with ear, brow, nose, and back hair, as well as some nail clippers that mean serious business. Ken, the owner of Gorilla Killa, told me that he started the company because the products on the market just weren’t cutting it. They weren’t high quality and they didn’t get the job done. He sent over the First Date Kit, which includes the essentials: round tip precision tweezers, nose hair trimmers, and a nail cutter, all wrapped inside a full grain leather travel pouch.

Hands-On With The Gorilla Killa First Date Kit

Ken wasn’t kidding – these tools are made to last. Constructed from high-grade stainless steel, the idea here is that you’ll be able to use them for years, without issue.

Gorilla Killa Tweezers

Gorilla Killa Original Round Tip Tweezers

The original round tip tweezers were specifically made to help you deal with ear and eyebrow hair. The tool is a little larger, so it’ll fit well into your hand without being bulky. What really stood out to me about the tweezers was the quality of the build. Ken tells me that all of these products are hand honed and finished – meaning they take longer to create, but that the tools you get are higher quality. They easily grabbed and plucked a white ear hair that had been plaguing me all day – pulled it right out without issue, or pain.

Gorilla Killa Precision Nose Hair Trimmers

Gorilla Killa Precision Nose Hair Trimmers

The Gorilla Killa Apex Precision Nose Hair Trimmers were equally easy to use. I always feel a little strange putting a sharp implement in my nose, luckily these trimmers feature a rounded, comfort blade tip that helps ensure you don’t impale yourself when trying to trim. My big fingers fit into the inserts without a problem, which usually isn’t the case. The trimmers aren’t only for your nose – use them on your mustache, eyebrows, or when dealing with wily beard hair, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Gorilla Killa Precision Nail Clipper

Gorilla Killa Precision Nail Clipper

Gorilla Killa’s Precision Nail Clipper was the tool that surprised me the most. I’ve always used the basic clippers everyone is used to, and I learned, after 30+ years of clipping my toenails, that there’s a better way to do it. The tool itself looks really heavy-duty – I was a little intimidated by it at first, but after lining it up with the nail on my big toe, I saw that with basically one snip, I was done and good to go. No sharp ridge, no multiple cuts, just one smooth toenail. The rest of my nails were just as easy, and my fingernails were a breeze to take care of.

We spend so much time using substandard products, that it’s great when you can find grooming tools that actually get the job done, and are made to last. Gorilla Killa grooming tools are high quality products that make time spent on grooming quicker and more bearable. All that aside, they just look like tools you’d want to use. Even the leather  travel pouch is made from the same leather that Everlast uses for their boxing gear.

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