Switch Up Your Wardrobe With These Fall Colors

Tyler shares a fall look
Tyler sports a fall look

The air is getting crisp and smells of everything pumpkin and cinnamon. The leaves crunch satisfyingly underfoot. As they turn to colors of gold and red, our wardrobes begin to incorporate the rich hues around us. Best of all, your favorite shows are back on TV.

While I am sure you’re dying to thoroughly study the colors that Pantone (the world’s foremost color forecasting company) released this season for selecting your next pieces, you don’t have to be a color expert to pull off a great Fall look. Here is a quick primer on weaving the shades of the season into your everyday outfits.

Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot Blue Suede
Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot in Blue Suede ($360)

Indigo Blues

Go Indigo. Pantone’s version of it this year is called “Stormy Weather”. Start by looking for chambray fabrics. Chambray looks a bit like denim but feels more like linen and is very popular across men and women’s styles.

A chambray button-up shirt or blazer is fun and easy to pair with any neutral or earth tone, like khaki or brown. Just try to avoid pairing it with denim that is too close in color so you don’t get the “Canadian tuxedo” look. Indigo will also look great in a plaid or a print such as these from Perry Ellis. Ready to indi-go bold? Try a suede boot from Wolverine. That’s right, just like Elvis.

Kohl's Gray Henley
Kohl’s Gray Henley – sizes to 4XB ($20)


Black, beige, brown, and gray. These colors set a strong foundation to build lots of outfit combinations around. Neutrals in basic pieces allow you to showcase a bolder color in an accessory.

Try to explore some options with grays; I’ve always said that gray is the comfiest color. With a few key pieces, you can still look sharp. I am obsessed with gray denim like these jeans from Old Navy. They allow you to pair more blues on top. A neutral colored henley tee is a terrific basic to throw on under a blazer. When selecting outerwear, a neutral tone will have a timeless look that will make an expensive piece last for several years.

Tommy Burgundy Scarf
Tommy Hilfiger Burgundy Scarf ($55)

Wine Tones

Marsala is Pantone’s official color of the year. Wine tones are variations of maroon; a deep red with levels of brown and purple. This is where you get to have a little fun. Maybe you have some subdued neutrals for your shirt and pants, but spice it up with a dark red leather boot. That henley I was talking about before? Throw a burgundy scarf over it. Oh you want more than a scarf? Give these khakis a whirl.

DXL Olive Heather Sweater

Shades of Green

The last hue-to-do on our list is “Dried Herb”, a light olive green. Pair a shawl collar cardigan over one of the indigo blue shirts for both colors to pop. This is another color that lends itself well to pants that you may not have considered before. The lighter version of the color is almost a neutral, like a grayish light brown and easily pairs with the brighter fall colors. If you go too dark, you wander into army green territory.

Old Navy Arugula Pants
Old Navy Ultimate Straight Khakis ($34)

This color guide is a tool to help you explore your personal style. Play with the colors, but don’t feel confined to them. Once you achieve that hot Fall look you’re proud of, share a pic with Chubstr. Add #chubstr to photos on your favorite social network, or click here to send it in directly. For more fashion inspiration from Pantone, see their full list of 2015 colors.

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