Summer Style Tips from Parker & Pine

Irfan Hajee is the co-founder of Parker & Pine, a company designing modern and functional clothing specifically for plus size men. Today, he’s sharing summer style tips for big guys. Get your hands on clothes from Parker & Pine later this summer, when their online store opens. Learn more at

It’s been a long, grey winter. Finally it looks like we might be able to put away the salt-covered boots, and heavy winter jackets and pull out our summer clothes. If you’re looking to up your game, add the latest trend to your look, or just stay cool in the heat, read on.

Ron Enjoying SummerChoose Lighter Fabrics

You’re going to want to stay away from fabrics that don’t breathe well. Stay away from synthetic fabrics like polyester, or nylon. Although they can be very soft, synthetic fabrics are not breathable.

Natural fabrics are the better choice for summer. Clothes made from bamboo-cotton will perform well in the heat as the bamboo increases the absorption and anti-odor capabilities of regular cotton.

Our favorite fabric for this summer is Tencel. It’s extremely soft, moisture wicking and durable, which is why we’re using it for our boxer-briefs. So whether you’re out for a beer or on a date, you can be sure your clothes will hold up under the summer heat.

Mix and Match Colours

Mixing colours seems to be the way to go this summer, so pull out your bright shirts, pants and shorts and start creating new combinations. If you’re going to wear a bright blue shirt, then pair it with bright green or khaki pants. The key is to match the shades, not the colours.

Too out there? Go for more subdued colours on top. A white or dark blue shirt will always do the trick. For the bottom, stick to reds, greens or beige.

Don’t Forget Your Shoes

The summer is a great time for upping your shoe game. You don’t have to worry about salt ruining your shoes, and you can wear sandals, sneakers, or derby shoes – whatever you like. Remember, an outfit is only complete when it has the shoes to back it up. You can pair white sneakers with colourful tops and bottoms for a balanced look. For something more conservative, pair blue or green shoes with your standard white, black, or blue tops and bottoms.

Final Word

Hopefully this summer will make up for a horrible winter with plenty of warm, sunny days. You’re going to want to prepare yourself for that, so take a look at your closet and don’t be afraid to mix colours you wouldn’t usually mix.

What trends are you most interested in this summer? Tell us in the comments below. 

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