Review: The Saatva HD is a Luxury Mattress for Plus Size People

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When you’re a bigger person, it can be difficult to find products that are made for you. It’s getting easier to find clothes and accessories that fit, and now we’re starting to see companies in other industries make the kind of products we need. Mattress company Saatva is doing exactly this, with the introduction of the Saatva HD, a luxury mattress for plus size people. Being a big guy myself, I put the king size version of their mattress to the test. Here’s what I thought about it.

Saatva HD Mattress

What’s a Luxury Mattress for Heavy People?

The Saatva HD is a luxury hybrid innerspring mattress, specifically made to support bigger bodies. 5 layers of high quality materials, from the breathable organic cotton pillow top to the 12.5 gauge tempered steel coils help the mattress support bigger bodies while offering extra comfort. Add the talalay latex layer for back, shoulder and hip support, plus a high density foam frame for edge support and you’ve got a luxury mattress made to hold bigger bodies.

Saatva HD Mattress Diagram
The layers of the Saatva HD

A Mattress Made to Hold You and Keep You Cool

The full, queen, king, California King and split king versions of the Saatva HD mattress will support up to 500 pounds on each side, for a 1000 pound total. The smaller twin and twin XL versions of the mattress support up to 500 pounds total.

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Saatva threaded the 12.5 gauge steel coils with 17-gauge helical wire to help ensure you don’t feel your sleeping partner tossing or turning at night. In addition to that, the mattress boasts patented spinal zone active wire for additional lumbar support. All of this to say that the harder, more reinforced parts of the mattress were constructed to support plus size bodies.

Beds for Heavy People Edge Support

Even Saatva’s foundation was made with bigger bodies in mind. The company designed a high durability wood foundation specifically for the Saatva HD. It is stronger than the average foundation or box spring and is available in two heights: 4.75″ and 8.75″. The photos in this article show the lower profile foundation.

The Saatva HD uses breathable organic cotton, natural latex and open coils to promote airflow and keep you cooler when you sleep. I’m a hot sleeper who has decimated a number of beds I’ve owned because of size and sweat, and this mattress does a good job of dispersing heat when you’re using it.

Saatva HD Mattress Plus Size People Review

How Does the Saatva HD Mattress Feel?

The medium firmness of the Saatva HD does a good job of toeing the line between extra support and luxury comfort. I felt well supported by the support layers and the steel coils (which the company says are 25% stronger than the industry standard), but the plushness of the pillow top offers a softness you don’t find with other mattresses. This means that you sink into the mattress enough to be comfortable, but you can always feel the support layers below that. This can be a good mix for people who want a softer mattress that still offers lots of support.

My wife is a very light sleeper who notices when I move or make any noise throughout the night. Saatva focused on eliminating motion transfer with the HD, which seems to have worked. She tells me that she didn’t notice any annoying movements when I came to bed later or turned onto my side, two things she specifically paid attention to.

Saatva HD Mattress Comparison

Here’s How the Saatva HD Compares to Other Mattresses for Plus Size People

We’ve covered a number of mattresses for heavy people and the Saatva HD feels like a great fit for people who want support and luxury comfort. It offers the sturdiness and durability of the Big Fig, while the organic cotton pillow top gives it the plushness of the Helix Nightfall. This is a good option for two people who prefer different types of mattress feels. If you like something more firm, but your partner wants to sink in a bit, the Saatva HD gives you the best of both worlds.

Saatva HD Mattress Heavy People Review

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If you’re in the market for a luxury mattress for heavy sleepers, give the Saatva HD a try. You’ll get a 120 night trial to make sure it’s perfect for you. Not a good fit? They’ll come get the mattress and give you a refund. Saatva HD luxury mattresses range in price from $1499 for a twin to $3198 for a split king. Interested? Chubstr readers get an exclusive $200 discount on the Saatva HD of your choice.

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