Prepare for Winter with Grooming Tips from a Pro

Ready for...Winter?

Cold weather is creeping up on us, and with it comes dry, itchy skin. If you’re like a lot of guys, you just grin and bear it, or maybe even try to take care of things yourself with lackluster results. Olga Lorencin is a skin care expert and the owner of Kinara Spa in Los Angeles. She’s sharing some real, useful tips to help you protect your skin this season.

Use the right cleanser

For some guys, using a cleanser specifically designed for your face is a major step. But it’s a very important one. Using a low-quality cleanser with harsh detergents can strip your skin of its essential oils, causing dehydration and sensitivity, and can even lead to an over production of oil. I find most men prefer a foaming cleanser. Try: Perricone MD’s Nutritive Cleanser.

Hydrating B5 Serum

Hydration is key, and layering is everything

Rather than leaning on heavier products, consider adding a lightweight hydrator to your daily regimen. A hydrating toner, or serum rich in hyaluronic acid can boost your moisture levels without adding unnecessary bulk, which can lead to dull looking skin. My favorites: SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel, and Kinara’s Dry Skin Toner.

Never underestimate the power of oil

Sure, you may have done everything possible to avoid oil as a teenager. But if you have grown into a man with dry skin, the right combination of oils can provide anti-aging miracles. Especially if you live in a climate that experiences extreme weather, or enjoy winter sports. Unlike water-based, oil-based products won’t freeze on your skin. My favorite: Kinara’s Reparative Nutrient Serum.

Don’t be afraid to ditch your scrub

Mechanical exfoliation and dry skin isn’t a great combination. Opt for an at-home peel that hydrates while refining, a gentle retinol, or a daily AHA serum. Our favorites: IS Clinical’s Active Serum, PCA’s Retinol Renewal, and Olga Lorencin’s Red Carpet Facial Kit.

Face Mask

Masking is for everyone

We get it. The thought of one of your friends walking in on you with a facial mask is right up there with showing up to work naked. But you don’t have to miss out on the perks of masking. In fact, I’ve got the perfect mask for you, and no one will ever have to know you’re wearing it. SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Mask is a deeply soothing, hydrating gel mask. And, it’s completely clear, meaning you can wear it in the shower, or the steam room at the gym and no one would be the wiser.

This guy needs a drink.

Take care from within

Up your water intake, watch the caffeine, easy on the beers and make sure you’re getting your omegas. What you put in your body shows up on your face.

Learn more about Olga Lorencin and Kinara Skin Care here.

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